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March 2, 2004
Maximo Vs Army of Zin - Review
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Ahh Maximo, our hero...
Maximo Vs Army of Zin was announced at the E3 show in May 2003 and almost a year later and the game has finally been released in PAL territories, but I can tell you that the wait has certainly been worth it. After the games first successful outing on PS2 in 2002, both commercially and critically a sequel was never in doubt. Maxmo: Ghosts to Glory is that sequel. But have Capcom just re-invented the wheel or have they brought some new ideas to the table? Certainly the storyline is pretty well developed.

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Taking on four enemies.
In the post-apocalyptic, New Roman world of Maximo, all records of the technology which used to rule the world have been lost except for a vault that contains the robotic Army of Zin. Locked down for over 500 years, the vault is thought to be completely secure until robots start landing down in settlements all over the countryside, wreaking havoc and stealing souls for use in their soul-powered fuel cells. Death is understandably concerned about the shortage of souls coming to the underworld now that these soul-feeding monsters are on the loose and teams up with Maximo who is still looking for the love of his life after the last game.

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Taking on the dragon.
So how has the gameplay changed from the previous title? There have been a couple of changes. Death now accompanies him on his quest, and at times Maximo can ‘super charge’ by summoning Death to inflict maximum carnage for a short amount of time. Maximo now has three new weapons at his disposal, Flame Scimitar, a Battle Hammer, and an Ice Battle Hammer, as well as the returning Gladius. Fortunately you now have the ability to keep any new and upgraded weapons rather then simply replace them. These weapons also provide some interesting choices during the game, do you give up power for speed, or keep crushing the enemies?

One of the neatest features of this game is the ability to rescue people being hunted down by the enemy who, in turn, may reward you with gifts or money to help you on your quest. The game also has plenty of hidden areas to discover, many of which require the use of your weapons to unlock. I would be surprised if many of you would complete the game without a large number of hidden areas not being discovered.

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Who's that in the back?
Unfortunately there are a couple of negatives to Maximo Vs Army of Zin. The most obvious is that, while the game can be hard at times, there are some sections that are infuriatingly hard. Some jumping sections require absolutely pixel perfect jumps to proceed. If you miss you’ll be restarting the whole section back to the last checkpoint. Also, the game, despite its difficulty may be a little on the short side (around 12-15 hours completion), but as previously mentioned there are plenty of hidden areas to find which will take some doing.

Capcom’s effort in the graphical department has paid big dividends as Maximo Vs Army of Zin looks even better then the previous game. While the levels look fairly similar to the previous game in graphical style (although with slightly better texturing), they are improved in so many ways with more enemies, and friends. The enemies are varied and look wonderful with some solid animation, however it’s the visual effects such as explosions, sparks, and flames that really stand out in this title. Finally the CG cut-scenes cap off the game as they looks splendid - the intro in particular. This is one impressive looking title.

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Who's that in the back?
The music in Maximo Vs Army of Zin really does stand out as something quite special. At times it falls into the background (deliberatly and perfectly), while at other times the music stands right out, and it works splendidly. The orchestral score is fantastic with a wide range of music styles on offer. The speech is, as with the previous game, very well done, but quite cheesy at times.

Capcom have once again proven with Maxmo Vs Army of Zin that they can still produce games of very high standards. Some people may be turned off a little by the repetitive nature of the title, but fans of the previous Maximo: Ghosts to Glory will love this game, as will fans of the original 16-bit Ghost and Goblins titles.

Review By: David Warner

GRAPHICSImproved somewhat from the already impressive sequel. Nice effects.
SOUNDWonderful effects and music run throughout this game. Excellent.
GAMEPLAYA great title that keeps the classic gameplay, needed some balancing.
VALUEAbout 15 hours gameplay that is worth replaying to find everything.
OVERALLMaximo Vs Army of Zin is another great title in the classic series from Capcom. There are some insanely hard parts that will have you throwing the controller at the TV, but persistence pays off in the end. A great title for seasoned gamers.

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