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Sept. 15, 2005
The Matrix: Path of Neo - Preview
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Graphics look pretty spectacular.
There's no denying that the first Matrix movie was genius. In a year when everyone thought nothing could be better then George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I the little known sci-fi movie easily outshone George's lame effort. The next two Matrix movies divided opinion, some people loved the philosiphal second movie, some people preferred the more action packed and faster pacing of the third movie. At the time a video game, Enter The Matrix was released which included much more footage filmed at the same time as the movies, but for inclusion in the game. A bold move which could have produced spectacular results if the actual gameplay wasn't so, well, shit...

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Taking on the agent Smith's.
And now we have The Matrix: Path of Neo a game which promises to follow the path of Keanu Reeve's character, Neo from beginning to end. You'll be there as he discovers his superhuman abilities and tries to determine his role as 'The One' in the battle with the machines to save mankind from eternal slavery.

The game will not only follow the events of the three movies but also in some areas will branch out from them to include new missions and events. As yet there's still much more to be revealed about the title - hopefully the combat controls will be a lot more interesting then those in the previous Matrix title.

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From the first movie.
The graphics in the surrounding screenshots do look mighty special. The developers have accurately re-created many of the locations of the movie with uncanny realism and Neo looks particularly impressive. Unfortunately reports from the E3 floor are of a game with severe frame rate issue and bugs. Still the game is spectacular for a couple of reasons. Firstly the fight between Neo and the Agent Smith's isn't just against 60 characters as in the movie - but the developers have pushed it up to 1500 (one thousand five hundred) of them. The game also includes spectacular mapping and a wide range of other effects to make it as realistic as possible.

There's still plenty of time for The Matrix: Path of Neo. Apparently a November 2005 release is being aimed for but with no need to rush the game to tie in with a movie release the developers - Shiny - should be able to ensure this is the best possible game in the Matrix universe - not too hard really.