September 5, 2001

Madden NFL 2002 - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
5/10/2001EA SportsIn-House1-2$99.95

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Check out the action on the screen.
When it comes to sports games series' few are bigger then EA Sports' Madden NFL games. This is the 12th year for the series and once again EA are looking to continue their dominance on all major platforms. Last year's Madden NFL 2001 was a massive success, especially in America where the game is still one of the best sellers on the system with over 500,000 sales. This new game however isn't merely roster changes and a new season, Electronic Arts have pulled no stops to create an even better all-round experience.

As you would expect with an official license Madden NFL 2002 features all the real teams, players and stadiums from the NFL season while the commentary and strategies are provided by John Madden himself. We can also expect the full 2002 season roster with the option to play a full season, playoff or single games as was the case with previous versions of Madden.

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Oi! Watch that hand there lad.
But what has been improved from the previous version? Well to begin Electronic Arts have added all new player face and body technology to make them look even more realistic. The coach animations on the sidelines have been improved while the developers have added in several new game modes. These include Two-Minute Drill, where points can be earned on offence or defence in a quick-hitting fast-paced game within the game; Create-a Team, featuring customized uniforms, helmets and stadiums; and Training Mode, where you can learn about the X's and O's of football from John Madden while perfecting in-game skills. It's also possible to play and draft with the newest NFL franchise, the Houston Texans. Take them to the Super Bowl in Franchise Mode. To top it all off the gameplay has improvements in the blocking and pass coverage to balance the gameplay. This is not just a roster change for the new season, this is a hefty upgrade for the entire game.

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The detail really is extraordinary.
Graphically, Electronic Arts look to have added even more polish to the game. The biggest addition is the inclusion of Widescreen TV support so those with 16:9 TV's will now see more action on the sides of the field such as the wide receivers. The developers have added hundreds of new animations while the game will also include a host of new camera angles such as inside the huddle. As you would expect the animations are simply stunning and have been greatly improved from the original PS2 game.

As with the original game Madden NFL 2002 should be a stunning title, and is likely to push the console further then ever before. The minute details will keep any fans happy while the game will have its usual EA related flash and flare. If you never got around to playing the first Madden on Playstation 2 late last year and you enjoy NFL and/or sports games in general then this should be at the top of your purchasing list this year. The Australian release is currently slated for early October 2001.