July 25, 2003
King of Route 66 - Preview
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Background detail needs improving.
It's been some time now since Sega released Crazy Taxi in the arcades and subsequently on the Dreamcast, and following the success of that title Sega decided that they could go one better by delivering a racing game with trucks that, rather then passengers, sees you trying to deliver cargo to destinations within the time limit. This game is one wild ride, but can Sega really generate much interest in this game with so many other racing games on the market?

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Hitting the nitros!
King Of Route 66 allows you to climb inside the cab of a nitro-powered 18-wheeler and haul ass from Illinois to California in a mad dash for cash. During the game it's possible to upgrade your truck with more then 70 performance enhancing parts, be it tires, engine or brakes among other things. During the races you compete to also win the hearts of eight interstate beauties known as the Queens of Route 66. Many other characters will also be met along the way, most will be competing to deliver the goods before you.

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Long open country roads.
King of Route 66 includes 4 modes of play including new story modes and shortcuts. However, it's the 2-player split screen mode and multi-player battles that may provide the most fun during the game.

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Drag race to the end.
Graphically, King of Route 66 isn't going to win any awards. The texturing and details is lacking but hopefully Sega can pull off a steady frame rate to keep this game entertaining.

This game probably won't make too many waves upon release. It's getting pretty old now, and even the original release in arcades was a letdown. If you've enjoyed Crazy Taxi then this game may eb able to hold your interest for some time. With plenty of unlockable extras and mini-games to complete it may keep you busy for some time. Expect a release in September.