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May 17, 2005
Killer 7 - Preview
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This is a game for adults...
The Fab five. No I'm not referring to those annoying twits on TV, but rather the five titles which Capcom originally intended to be exclusive titles on Gamecube. Announced in November 2002 the titles included Resident Evil 4, Project Number 03 (or P.N.03 for short), Dead Phoenix, Viewtiful Joe and this title, Killer 7. Two years later and Viewtiful Joe has already been released on PS2 to much acclaim, Resident Evil 4 is coming to PS2 having just been released on Gamecube, P.N.03 was released to poor reviews in September 2003, Dead Phoenix was canned and Killer 7 is now heading for simultaneous Gamecube and PS2 release. It's certainly been in development for a long time. Initially Capcom were expecting a release in mid-2003! Only weeks before release, much of the game still remains under wraps.

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Some more gorgeous graphics.
Years have passed; violence and instability have started to beleaguer developed nations. People with crazed and distorted smiles are appearing throughout the world. Anyone with this ‘Heaven’s Smile’ becomes violent and begins attacking anybody within close proximity. Now these crazed soldiers have started to overthrow huge city governments and have even taken the life of Harman Smith’s beloved Suzy. It is up to the player to utilize the special powers that dwell within Harman’s seven ‘partners’ to assassinate the powerful underworld kingpin behind it all, Kun Lan, who operates a cult calling itself Heaven's Smile.

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You'll love or hate these graphics...
While playing Killer 7 it is possible for Harman to switch between seven different personalities. Each of these character’s has the ability to terminate targets he, or she, deems “deserving to die.” The 7 personalities that comprise the “Smith Alliance” are:
o Galusian Smith – The clairvoyant leader of the ‘alliance’ who has the power to envision an enemy’s weak spot and can foresee various traps and scams.
o Dan Smith – Strong and skilled, Dan has the ability to change weapon trajectories using telekinesis.
o Mask De Smith – A gun wielding man whose masked appearance conceals his true identity.
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One of the cut scenes.
o Coyote Smith – Has the ability to physically move through objects.
o Kaede Smith – The only female personality of the group. She is a very important pawn for Harman as her appearance reduces some of the risk of being an assassin.
o Con Smith – A child blessed with exceptional hearing. He uses his ability to hear his enemy’s pulse and ascertain their whereabouts.
o Kevin Smith – An independent personality that keeps to himself. He holds the key to Harman’s past.

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Nice billboards...
Visually Killer 7 is extremely impressive. Using a form of cel-shading the title has a dramitic film noir styling. Not only does it look wonderful but it moves superbly as well. This isn't a game for children however with plenty of blood evident - and even an 18 rating in the UK.

The only problem with this game is that besides the screenshots, short videos and descriptions virtually no one outside of Capcom's studios have managed to play the title. Is this cause for concern? I would doubt it, but it's certain that this game will be big at this year's E3 show which takes place only weeks before the worldwide release.