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September 10, 2004
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World - Review
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There has never been a video game that pushed me over the edge of frustration into insanity, but Acclaim have overstepped what limits they may have been, and have transformed me into the disgusted maniac who is writing this review. Now, I don't mean to be disrespectful but, I plan on keeping this review short, mainly because there are only so many words in the English language that can describe this video game, and unfortunately half of them aren't appropriate for this piece of journalism.

But beginning the review, as we all know, Acclaim aren't the most polished company in the history of video gaming, and they do have a slight reputation to be overly disappointing with games that are dramatically hyped. And let's be honest, Jeremy McGrath Supercross World is no 'game of the year' nominee, nor is it a 'game of the year' runner-up nominee, hell, it's nowhere to be seen amongst the sea of games that are even slightly eligible for that particular award. If this game were to win an award for anything, it'd most likely be 'most disappointing game, uh, ever'.

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...but when you see it...
As per usual, for any extreme sports video game, a storyline or plot is non-existent. You merely choose your favourite motocross rider, and set out on the track in an attempt to become the king of dirt, it's all becoming too familiar. But luckily there is a promising list of pro-riders including cover man Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Ezra Lusk, Sebastien Tortelli, Tim Ferry, Grant Langston, aswell as Nathan Ramsey. So naturally, you're going to have a tough time choosing whom it is you wish to race as, but hey, it's probably the least of your worries, if you decide on playing this game.

As far as this game handles, it's not a secret that anyone who picks up their Dual Shock in an attempt to play this game is in for a hell of a headache, because to put it simply, the gameplay in this game is absolutely terrible. From the pathetic driving and steering physics themselves work well within reason, however, once in the air, the game falls apart awfully quickly. The landing mechanics are indescribable, in a bad way of course, and well simply, to get anywhere score-wise, it takes serious button bashing to even get a mere 'lazy boy' layback stunt, all I can say is 'puke'.

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This game suffers from so many issues, it begins to make me wonder why Acclaim even bothered releasing this game, it really puzzles me. From the horrid game mechanics, to the minor graphical glitches that we all probably expected, but really, I don't know if it's physically possible for motorcycle handlebars to pass directly through the human head, but if it is, well, pinch my behind and call me impressed.

Graphically, this game borders on mediocre. I mean, I've seen Nintendo 64 games with superior graphics to this game, which is kind of pathetic to say the very least. Some of the texture mapping can seem decent up close, but generally, it's extremely disappointing graphically. Let's face it, Jeremy McGrath Supercross World isn't a sight for sore eyes, and the overall presentation is overly saddening, because I really did expect more from the developers.

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... quite PSOne-ish really.
But the sound, let me prase the sound in this title, because definitely it's the games strongest point, due to it's exceptional soundtrack, and artists lending their talents to the game include Millencolin, Mudhoney and the Supersuckers. The soundtracks may not be up to par with other extreme sports games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Mat Hoffman, but generally, it can be looked on as one of the very few elements that are enjoyable in a definitely bland title. But as far as regular sound effects, such as engine noises, they're definitely poor, but luckily, they can be turned down to zero volume, so you're in luck there.

In a conclusion that I had hoped would come sooner, please, for the love of anything, and everything, avoid this title at all costs. Unless you have a very convincing reason, you really have no excuse to even think about playing this game, especially when there are easily superior motocross games on the market now, you just have no excuse to buy, or even rent, this game.

In three simple words, I can explain this title: "Save your money! Seriously.

Review By: Brodie Gibbons

GRAPHICSYou'd swear that this was a Nintendo 64, or PlayStation game if you didn't know any better. Poor character models, poor tracks, and just plain ugly motorbikes. Could things get any worse?
SOUNDHmm, definitely the highest score this game will ever see, and only because the soundtrack is above the small standard the rest of this game has set. Luckily, thanks to the talent on the soundtrack, this section scores reasonably average.
GAMEPLAYUh, utterly depressing. There may be a bright moment when you manage to pull off some kind of backflip, but that even is hardly amusing on top of an overly disappointing outing by Acclaim.
VALUEUh, I'd just about say none, at all. Maybe, if you like music?
OVERALLHmm, merely an inferior game compared to every single extreme sports game ever produced, and quite possibly the worst game made on a next-generation console, very sad to say, but avoid this game at all costs, and I do mean that literally. Cover you eyes even if you see it on a shelf, or you're going to hell.

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