May 30, 2003
Indycar Series - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
20/6/2003CodemastersBrain In A Jar1-4$99.95

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Up to 33 cars on track at once.
While Formula One is still regarded as the world's most popular racing series the reason for this is the remote locations of tracks around the world. The Americans, being who they are, have their own very similar racing league called the Indy Racing League (IRL) which is a 15 Race Single Seat Championship that competes on oval racing circuits throughout the USA. This isn't however, the same Indy racing as seen on the Gold Coast in Australia, but is no less exciting. Brain In A Jar have been working on this title for some time now and Codemasters, probably rightly, believe that this will be a major title.

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The tracks look spectacular.
Circuits in Indycar Series include Las Vegas, Texas Motor Speedway, California Speedway and, of course Indianapolis, which is the biggest race on Earth and the highlight of the racing calendar. The game includes fully licensed IRL cars and tracks (14 tracks & 29 teams), including the accurately modelled Indy 500. With up to 33 cars on track and speeds of over 200mph there is plenty of exitement, and that includes crashes which are simply spectacular as the debris start flying.

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Check out the crashes!
The main game offers immediate high paced action and player friendly handling, making the feel both authentic and realistic. It is easy to pick up and play but offers depth and challenge through multiple difficulty settings, to keep the action packed, two hundred miles an hour manoeuvres coming thick and fast. The developers have spent considerable time developing a detailed AI system which also controls the spectacular crashes as seen in the surrounding pictures. Indycar Series includes three difficulty levels allow for no damage fully assisted pick up play through to full rules, damage and realism for the hard-core player.

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Let's hope it runs fast.
The developers are promising gamers "full TV style presentation, which conveys an incredibly immersive gameplay experience and includes commentary by award winning ESPN presenter Bob Jenkins". While it remains to be seen how well this presentation comes off what is evident is the amount of effort and detail which has gone into the graphics. The tracks are all superbly rendered from the real locations, including the Indy 500. Another positive for this title, which I am yet to 100% confirm is the inclusion of DTS surround sound on the Playstation 2 version which should allow for some stunning effects while racing around the circuits. Expect a release in mid-2003.