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June 20, 2005
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
15/9/2005VivendiRadical Entertainment1$69.95

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Destroying the truck.
There's two things you should know about this game. Firstly The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction has absolutely nothing to do with the disappointingly average John Woo movie starring Eric Bana from a couple of years ago. Secondly although the previous game, The Hulk was good, it wasn't brilliant, but this game promises more of everything. More destruction, more mayhem and more, ermm, destruction. This new game, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, is developed by the same company as the original, that being Radical Entertainment, but the company has made a lot of enhancements since the previous title and it shows.

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There goes the tank!
This biggest change to this game is that is doesn't include distinct levels of action but rather offers a free roaming city so you can go anywhere and see anything. As you travel around you will come across events and tasks which much be completed - 30 main missions and around 40 side quests in total. Fortunately a map will be provided so you can get from one event or action sequence to the next with ease. This game allows you to climb and jump on top of any building, turn any object into a weapon, and destroy everything in your way in this battle against time and the Hulk’s inner demons! As you start the game your powers are fairly week however as tasks are completed The Hulk gains new moves and powers. As in the comic books and movie The Hulk can jump hundreds of feet at a time. The size of his jump is determined by how long the jump button is held down.

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Nice explosions.
Importantly almost every single object in the game world is destructable. In typical Hulk style not only can you punch and kick these objects to destroy them but can also pick them up and throw them for even more destruction. Fortunately the game will also include a targeting systems so you can throw the objects at other items, or enemies, within the game world. One of the more interesting twists is that The Hulk can use objects in the game world to make weapons - some enemies will have to be defeated with these weapons as his fists won't be strong enough to inflict damage. So packed full of features is this game that The Hulk will have around 140 different moves to perform.

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What are these enemies.
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction includes an A-list collaboration between award-winning comic book writer Paul Jenkins, comic book artist Bryan Hitch, and an original score composed by Bill Brown and performed by the Los Angeles Orchestra, all combined with movie-quality sound effects, the game recreates the authentic Hulk universe. One of the big questions about this game was how Radical were going to incorporate the voice talent from the movie - and the simple answer is; they're not. Voicing Bruce Banner will be Neal McDonough who has appeared in movies such as Minority Report, Star Trek: First Contact, TV series Band of Brothers but perhaps more importantly has voiced the character in the 1990's Hulk TV series. Hulk's nemesis in the game, Emil Blonsky (aka Abomination), is going to be voiced by Ron Pearlan (seen in movies such as Hellboy, Star Trek: Nemesis, and Blade II to name a few).

With a release scheduled for September this game continues to improve every time we see it although there were some reports of collision detection issues in places from the E3 show floor. Still, the level of detail and destruction has certainly increased from the previous game and if you're a fan of the comic book this looks like the perfect videogame representation of the Marvel superhero.