August 21, 2001

Hidden Invasion - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
October 2001SwingTOKA/Conspiracy Ent.1$99.95

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Sorry.. these are the only screens.
When I spoke to Daniel at Acclaim last week he was pretty excited about Hidden Invasion. When I saw the screenshots I was wondering if this was the game he was talking about. It doesn't really look that hot. But Daniel is pretty up front. If a game is shit, he'll says so, even if it's from his own company. Obviously playing the game must be a lot more enjoyable then looking at the rather average screen shots. The game could be described as Zombie Revenge with a science fiction theme and plenty of exciting moments.

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Well, it looks violent enough.
Hidden Invasion is a 3D adventure bursting with action in which you are the leader of a special forces taskforce who has to confront an eerie alien threat. You must uncover a conspiracy like no other, a conspiracy that has not been seen in the world... and try to keep a cool head doing it.
Stay cool and complete your mission.
After all there is more at stake here than just your life...
In doing this you will once again become familiar with a feeling you thought you had forgotten for a long time: Fear - cold, stark fear...

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Actually this could be quite fun.
Firstly I want to point out that the only screenshots I could find were these pretty low quality ones, but imagine sharp graphics and you should get a pretty good indication of what to expect. The game also features interactive destructable environments, various weapons and a dynamic difficulty level that adapts to the development of the players. If you are struggling the game will ease off and vice versa.

Hidden Invasion is currently expected to be released here in Australia by Acclaim on September 20th, only a couple of weeks after the company stiched up a deal with Swing in Europe to release the titles here. While it won't compare with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and the like, it should prove to be an enjoyable title at the least.