January 6, 2001
Headhunter - Preview
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Hang on, isn't that Solid Snake?
The Dreamcast was a wonderful system. In only a couple of years it received more AAA titles then any other system in console history. In all that time however there was one genre which hadn't been covered. That genre was the tactical/espionage/action genre which has been made famous with games such as Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter on the PSOne. Noting this absence, developers Amuze from Sweden decided to develop a game to fill the void. This development team had been busy working on Headhunter for quite some time and the results are amazing. While Headhunter was released as one of the last Dreamcast titles only weeks ago the game looks like getting a second chance on the Playstation 2 in the coming weeks.

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World textures are quite detailed.
Because of Headhunter's lengthy development on Dreamcast, and the higher texture quality offered by that system, the port to Playstation 2 looks quite amazing. The PS2 port is pushing the upper limits of the systems texture abilities, and as a result looks extremely solid compared to other current PS2 titles. As you can probably tell from the surrounding screenshots some of the scenes, or at the very least the main character model, is very reminiscent a certain game from Konami expected only a few weeks later. Still, there are a several differences, which should go some way to making this a great game in its own right.

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Motorbikes are vital in the game.
Headhunter is set in the near future where the government has taken control of the media and heavily censors everything. The police force is inefficient and law and order is often contracted out to head-hunters. You play one of these head-hunters, Jack Wade who has been hired to track down the person who assassinated the president of ACN. You can travel from city to city to find clues using your motorbike, which will also be used for racing others in the game. Expect plenty of action as you break into numerous buildings that are patrolled by guards who won't hesitate to stop you in your tracks. As with Metal Gear Solid you can sneak past enemies, but when you've got a machine gun in your hands why would you rather to?

As previously mentioned travelling from city to city is done with a trusty motorbike. The developers were planning to include an online gameplay mode so you could race up to 7 other people through SegaNET (the Dreamcast's online network) on the motorbikes, but has obviously been dropped in the Playstation 2, and even Dreamcast, version of the game. Still, having to ride between cities is an interesting concept and should provide a few surprises either on the road or at the numerous roadhouses.

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Alleyways always provide surprises.
While it will almost certainly not match the quality of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Headhunter should provide some entertainment until Konami's game hits the shelves on February 22nd next year. With some very solid visuals and promising gameplay, which can be tested on the latest official Australian Playstation magazine, this game should provide some entertainment. Amuze aren't a very well known developer at the moment, but I have a strong feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about them when this game is released, and in the coming years. Headhunter looks like another great title on PS2.