October 22, 2000
Hidden & Dangerous 2 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
March 2002Take 2Illusion Softworks1-2$TBA

Click To Enlarge ImageHidden & Dangerous was an unexpected surprise to the gaming community when it was released two years ago. Unknown Czech developers Illusion Softworks burst onto the gaming scene with an action game unequalled in gameplay and graphics. While the original title has only just hit the Dreamcast a sequel has been in the works for some time now and is expected to be released on PC and Playstation 2, but not Dreamcast, during 2001, possibly as early as April.

Click To Enlarge ImageHidden & Dangerous 2 is, like the first game, set during World War II. With your own small squadron of men your task is to complete the missions at hand. These missions are usually varied with each taking place in different locations and under different conditions be it night, day, rain or sunshine. In an interview with Future Gamez Tomas Pluharik, one of the games designers, he has stated that he would have liked the vehicles to have been better implemented in the first game. He has already stated that the vehicles will be improved for this sequel.

Click To Enlarge ImageWith the added power of the Playstation 2 Illusion Softworks look set to improve on an already impressive graphics engine. Tomas Pluharik has stated that the company will be introducing volumetric lighting among other graphical tricks to enhance the game further. Hopefully the one major complaint of the original game, a low frame rate, can be remedied with a longer development period and increased experience from the programmers.

Illusion Softworks look set to reign supreme in the action strategy game next year. Hidden & Dangerous 2 has some wonderfully detailed levels and if the developers can enhance the gameplay further it will be hard to see this game missing the mark.