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Sept. 27, 2005
Gun - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
9/11/2005ActivisionNeversoft Entertainment1$89.95

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Travel all over the countryside...
So this game has an interesting name, but that's not the interesting aspect to this game. You see this is Neversoft's first non-Tony Hawk title on the Playstation 2. The company has done very well with their extreme sports title and their move to an action game set in the wild west is a fascinating decision. It's a new direction for the company. Perhaps they were realising that there's only so far you can take skateboarding, perhaps they were getting tired of rehashing the same old thing (although they do have Tony Hawk's American Wasteland due out this year). Whatever the reasons the resulting game, Gun, looks very exciting.

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Expect massive gunfights!
Written by Hollywood scriptwriter Randall Jahnson (Mask of Zoro, The Doors) the game is set in the untamed West of the late-1800s, Gun is a free-roaming action-adventure game that takes players to a world without laws where greed, lust and murder are rampant. As Colton White, a vengeful gunslinger, players must straddle the line between good and evil as they showdown against corrupt lawmen, a murderous preacher, renegade army psychopaths, merciless outlaws and unforgiving Native Americans, while waging war on horseback, collecting bounties, and commandeering trains. Players travel through an action-packed landscape of high mountain wilderness, deserts and bustling territorial towns in an epic story of betrayal, greed, and revenge.

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Gun is pretty voilent.
So Gun is a third, and at times first, person game set in the wild west. The action takes place in a massive free roaming world. You can travel by foot, but being in the 1800's the preferred method of transport was by horseback and Neversoft are including them. It will be possible to travel from the snowy mountains of Montana, to the plains of Dodge City, Kansas and the deserts of New Mexico where danger is at every turn. Players battle their way through a harsh, visceral and unforgiving landscape that portrays the West as it really was. They can act as a gunslinger protecting righteousness or seek retribution as they face resistance fighters, local lawmen, renegade soldiers and vengeful Native Americans.

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Hold him down boys.
The game includes a wide range of missions from the days of the old west including the ability to wage war on horseback, hunt for bounties, play poker, protect ladies of the night, hunt buffalo, and assault a frontier fort. With such a broad range of missions it's understandable that the developers have had to include a wide range of gameplay styles from strategic gunplay and precision shooting, stealth tactics, and use of explosives. Players can unlock secret weapons and upgrade skills and abilities to improve their weapon and equipment performance. Speaking of weapons Neversoft are including a multitude of authentic weapons such as: six shooters, shotguns, Gatling guns, flaming arrows, hatchets, and dynamite.

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Shooting from horseback.
As you can see from the surrounding screens the game is shaping up quite nicely. The levels have plenty of characters and if the frame rate holds up well we're in for something quite special. In terms of voiceovers Kris Kristofferson (Blade movies) and Brad Dourif (Wormtongue from the LOTR movies) headline the voice cast and are certain to provide plenty of atmosphere to the game.

It will be interesting to see how well Neversoft are able change genres. They have certainly proven their technical proficiency with the Tony Hawk titles and with Red Dead Revolver seemingly the only competition in the genre there is plenty of potential for them to score a big hit. At this stage it looks like they are on the right path.