July 10, 2002
Gran Turismo Concept Tokyo-Geneva -Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
19/7/2002SonyPolyphony Digital1-2$69.95

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Some very nice reflections.
It's amazing to think that after almost a year on the shelves Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is still one of the best sellers on the console each week. Actually it's really not that surprising given the quality of the game, and that nothing has come remotely close to that quality since. In fact, since the original Gran Turismo was released on PSOne in 1998 the series has racked up over 26 million sales worldwide. Quite a feat. A year after the first PS2 game the developers, Polyphony Digital, have completed and are about to release Gran Turismo Concept 200 Tokyo-Geneva. This isn't a true sequel, but rather a slightly easier game for beginners to access with new and, as the title suggests, concept cars from a variety of manufacturers.

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The variety of cars is impressive.
Sony have described Gran Turismo Concept 200 Tokyo-Geneva (or GT Concept for short) as a "highly accessible addition to the GT franchise set to broaden the appeal of the series". GT Concept is aimed at those who may find, or found, the investment of time and skill necessary to get the best out of the full Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec experience slightly daunting. It therefore abandons the Gran Turismo Mode in favour of an instant-fix, arcade approach, which ensures that even the most inexperienced gamer can jump straight behind the wheel and accelerate away.

This doesn't mean that corners have been cut. If anything, many of the features of Gran Turismo 3 have been improved upon, with minor gameplay and graphical tweaks. The screenshots certainly look a little cleaner then the original the game. If you never owned the original you're in for a real treat. Until you've seen a car in Gran Turismo, you wont believe how good they can actually look in a game. And the whole game has been put together with the perfectionism and attention to detail that millions of petrol-heads now automatically associate with the Gran Turismo series.

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What the...
It also means you still get the enormous variety of cars to drive that youve come to expect, with close to a hundred models to choose from, contributed by major manufacturers from Japan, Europe, Korea and the USA. In keeping with the games title, however, a number of them are concept cars, of the type normally only seen at motor shows the kind nobody usually gets to drive. As well as the awe-inspiring concept cars, there is the usual range of production models, as well as race-developed variations, full-on racing cars, rally cars and fantasy models.

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Close street racing.
The game takes place on five courses, dotted about the globe, ranging from the Swiss Alps and the Tahiti-Maze to Tokyos R246. As you progress, youll also unlock four special bonuses. The game includes a 2-player mode to challenge friends, and if you have an i.LINK, you can prove your dominance in an improved 6-player mode.

With a much easier learning curve and pick-up-and-play immediacy, Gran Turismo Concept is the high-speed, sophisticated but fun driving game for people who thought they couldnt handle Gran Turismo. The game, as with the original, looks splendid and while the number of tracks and cars may be disappointing to fans of the series, it will still be worth a purchase, especially at the lower retail price of $AU69.95. Expect a release on July 19th.