May 14, 2001
Army Men: Green Rogue - Review
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The explosions are very impressive.
3DO's Army Men range of games has been around for several years now and with every new game usually comes a few refinemtents to make it a better game. Army Men: Green Rogue is the first game in the series to appear on the Playstation 2 and first impressions are promising.

The story is as follows; Deep within the covert laboratory of G.A.A.R.D. (Green Army Advanced Research Division), a being known only as Mr. X has been working with top scientists on a highly controversial and classified experiment. The result... a technologically advanced super warrior! Working together, they were able to successfully splice the genetic DNA samples from the Green Army's strongest and most talented soldiers. With these precious elements, Mr. X created the mold of a genetically enhanced super soldier, the strongest, fastest soldier the world has ever known. This superior creation was given a name: Omega Soldier! You are the Omega Soldier.

The bazooka. Now that's hardware.
While the game seems to have a strong storyline in almost every other area it falters severely. The actual movies, while interesting, are very jerky and definitely not DVD quality as you would expect. After that initial concern it's onto the gameplay where the game really show it's ugly head. Reminiscent of the old style top down shooters Green Rogue pits you against an entire army. However, instead of progressing through the levels at your own pace the game forces you along at it's own rate, which becomes frustrating at the best of times. This is horribly annoying especially when confronting a screen full of enemies and you want to take cover for a minute. Soon enough you will be forced to move forward as your cover approaches the bottom of the screen and your soldier is automatically pushed forward.

Another problem with the game is aiming your weapons. Unlike most other Army Men games there is now first person mode to precisely target the enemies. While running around using the left analogue control aiming is done by pushing the right analogue control in the direction you desire. It's not that complicated but adding in a fire button results in an overly complicated control scheme that will have you crying out in agony. The problem is that the game requires such precision that there is little room for error and aiming the gun is a lot harder then it should be. Perhaps an semi auto-aim would have been a nice addition.

2-player action is a little better.
Graphically, Green Rogue can be described as clean while hardly pushing the Playstation 2 to its limits. The explosions do look rather nice while the cut scenes, as previously mentioned, are way to jerky for the DVD format. Animation is also quite limited, but manages to meet the requirements of the game. Sound is adequate while never really generating any excitement during the game. Green Rogue is littered with suitable explosions, machine gun fire and speech throughout the levels.

By all accounts Army Men: Green Rogue is a failure. The graphics are forced, the sound is average at best and the games longevity just isn't there. The biggest fault however is the complete lack of fun while playing the game. Being forced along the path at the computers pace is the biggest fault of all as there is no real sense of control. Throw in some dodgy aiming controls and what you end up with is a game that should never have gone past the initial design stages at 3DO. This game is much better off left on the shelves. If you really want an Army Men game you would do much better off picking off Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. Army Men Green Rogue is very poor.

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