April 17, 2001
Army Men: Green Rogue - Preview
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Explosions are superbly detailed.
3DO's Army Men series of games, on PC, Nintendo 64 and Playstation, have always been solid and quite exciting, but never managed to become a "must have" titles. Army Men: Green Rogue is one of the first Army Men games expected on the Playstation 2 this year, and it definately looks like an improvement on past games.

The story is as follows; Deep within the covert laboratory of G.A.A.R.D. (Green Army Advanced Research Division), a being known only as Mr. X has been working with top G.A.A.R.D. scientists on a highly controversial and classified experiment. The result... a technologically advanced super warrior! Working together, they were able to successfully splice the genetic DNA samples from the Green Army's strongest and most talented soldiers. With these precious elements, Mr. X created the mold of a genetically enhanced super soldier, the strongest, fastest soldier the world has ever known. This superior creation was given a name: Omega Soldier! You are the Omega Soldier.

Looking down a barrel is always bad.
Omega Soldier must endure an unexpected test of his strength and combat skills as he crashes behind enemy lines to battle endless enemy troops and perilous bosses. Fortunately for Omega Soldier, his superior battle skills and weaponry give him all the tools he needs to make his journey back to his base. His strategy: to continuously upgrade his weapons and enhance his firepower as enemy forces increase and become more difficult to destroy.

Omega Soldier also possesses traits unlike anything seen before in a plastic soldier. Once Omega Soldier has upgraded 1 or more of his 4 basic standard-issue weapons to its maximum level, his body metamorphoses to become all powerful, toting even more weapon power and the ability to absorb larger amounts of enemy firepower!

Some camoflouge would be good!
But his most special ability is a brand new and very deadly weapon known as the Bio-strike. The Bio-Strike is a multi-leveled powerful weapon that should be saved and used only for emergency circumstances when survival seems uncertain. When the Bio-Strike hits the ground, a circular explosion literally obliterates all incoming attackers.

The time to strike is now. The Omega Soldier must be sent forth, the fate of the Green Nation rests on his shoulders!

With 24 high tech weapons and 16 levels of gameplay this should be a great game when it is finally release on the Playstation 2. Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the 2 player Cooperative gameplay. 5 bosses and the ability to use amphibious assault vehicles should add some variety into the mix. It's an exciting game and one which should get the interest of a lot of gamers, if it doesn't interest you, then you may just miss one of the most exciting games this year.