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October 11, 2002
Ghost Recon - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
5/12/2002UbiSoftRed Storm1-2$99.95

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In amongst the buildings.
PC gamers would surely have heard about Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. It is one of the most challenging, technically accurate and yet exciting games that has been released over the last couple of years. UbiSoft have announced that the game is heading to the Playstation 2, but only 6 weeks before release you wouldn't expect it as there is absolutely no mention of the game on any UbiSoft web sites around the world, which seems to be the case for many upcoming games. This makes getting information about their upcoming games quite difficult at times, hence the lateness of this preview of what should be one of the biggest pre-Christmas releases on Sony's system

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Hiding in the grass.
One of the things that sets this game apart from previous Tom Clancy games such as Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, the latter of which was also PS2 bound until being canned recently, is that Ghost Recon predominantly takes place in outdoor settings rather then the cramped indoor settings of the two earlier games. Ghost Recon is very much a squad based tactical shooter, not dissimilar to Sony's SOCOM: US Navy Seals which is still to have a date set in PAL territories. You take command of a single soldier while issuing commands to other team members. It is possible to switch team members to take control of those needed during fights. Many of the missions still revolve around rescuing or taking hostages, although Ghost Recon also introduces other styles of missions such as escorting people or blowing up targets.

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Using the night vision helps.
The Playstation 2 also boasts a co-operative 2-player mode so yourself and a friend can tackle the missions together for that added sense of fun. Hopefully, the game engine will be able to cope as you needed a pretty beefy PC to even run the game in single player. Another of the great things about the Playstation 2 game is that not only will it include the 15 missions of the original game set in the Soviet Union, but also the 8 mission featured in the Desert Siege expansion pack and set in Ethiopia. That should make the Playstation 2 game quite a lengthy experience, as the levels often take over an hour to complete.

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Time to get the anti-tank rocket.
If all goes well in the port from PC to PS2 then this game should be yet another to add to your Playstation 2 Christmas wish list. My only concern is that the Playstation 2 may not be powerful enough to run the game at an acceptable frame rate, especially in 2-player mode. I would love to be proven wrong however, as Red Storm have proven so many others wrong in the past while setting new benchmarks for tactical action games. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is currently expected to be released in Australia sometime in December.