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January 23, 2007
God Hand - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
21/2/2007CapcomClover Studio1$79.95

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There's a couple of enemies around.
In case you haven't read the table at the top of this page and noticed the publisher and developer we can tell you that God Hand this isn't the sequel to Sony's God of War, nor a spin off, but rather an entirely new franchise from Capcom thanks to those whacky developers at Clover Studio (which has sadly been closed down in recent months despite some fantastic original titles). Some of Clover Studios other games include the glorious Viewtiful Joe titles on the Gamecube and PS2, as well as an apparently stunning PS2 game due out soon called Okami.

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Sends him flying!
The creative minds behind God Hand are well known. First up the game is being directed by Shinji Mikami who has a certain game known as Resident Evil to his name while Viewtiful Joe creator Atsushi Inaba is also lending his talents to this game as the producer. There no doubt there's plenty of talent to make this game a winner. But what's it all about then?

Long ago, there was a man who saved the world from a terrible Evil by defeating it and sealing it up. Both his hands were said to have possessed godís power and radiated a golden blaze. In awe, people called him "God Hand". It is believed that anyone who obtained the legendary God Hand and its enormous power will be able to become either a God or Demon...

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God Hand moves pretty well too!
One day a traveller called Jean saves a woman who was being set upon by bandits in a desert town. Although his intervention allowed her to escape, their superhuman strength was too much for Jean. These bandits are notorious villains that have been carrying outrepeated slaughters justifying them by saying they were hunting for the God Hands. They are famous for their incredible strength and armour-like bodies. Jean was defeated by their sheer power and his right hand was cut off as part of the God Hand hunt. He writhed in agony and hovered between life and death and then fell into unconsciousness.When he awoke he found himself in an inn, he had a right hand but clearly felt it was not his own. His replaced right had was... that legendary God Hand! Thus Jean obtained the power of god, but at the same time became part of the fight for its enormous power.

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God hand inflicts some pain.
Essentially this is a single player hand to hand styled combat game with not a weapon in site. During the game you'll face off against painted-up circus freaks, scantily-clad succubi, fat Elvis, camp disco twins, corporate demons and Azel, possessor of the infernal Devil Hand. One of the more unique aspects of this game is that gamers are able to select the moves in their range which should make it a bit more interesting and as with most other similar titles you'll be unlocking new and improved moves as you progress through the title. Once your tension bar is full, unleash the almighty God Hand. Time slows down as you rain vengeance down on your enemies and you gain invincibility.

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Just standing in the light...
Capcom are keen to stress that as well as being an action title there is also quite a bit of emphasis on the comedic elements in God Hand - although to what extent this comedy plays a part remains to be seen - we higly doubt it's Borat styled belly laughs! We're also a bit disappointed that there is no multi-player in the game - surely that would have added some value.

We really have to see if Capcom can bring anything new to the table with this game. Their last two scrolling beat 'em ups - Final Fight Streetwise and Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance were lacking, well, pretty much in all areas. Activision, who now distribute Capcom titles in Australia has confirmed a release date of February 21st, 2007. Keep an eye out.