October 1, 2001
Giants: Citizen Kabuto - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
29/4/2002InterplayPlanet Moon/Digital Mayhem1$99.95

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Graphics are plain, but it's fast.
One of the most impressive games released on the PC in the last 12 months was Planet Moon's impressive Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The game was the perfect blend of strategy and action as well as including that all-important gameplay. Following the success of the PC version Interplay have brought in Digital Mayhem to port the game to the Playstation 2. Fortunately, this development team have put in some brilliant work, and as the result is a game that is improved from the already impressive PC game. The graphics, sound and gameplay have all been faithfully reproduced, and console gamers should have a perfect port of the PC game, which itself took over 3 years to develop.

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It does have similarities to MDK2.
The storyline for Giants is interesting enough and is as follows; On a distant planet, three powerful forces are about to collide in the most spectacular action game ever seen! You play as one of three unique species including the technologically powerful, hard partying Meccs, the ethereal and magical Sea Reapers, and the unstoppable behemoth known as Kabuto. The game, if you can't already tell is predominantly action based with your job being to defeat all the opponents to claim the land for yourself. Giants: Citizen Kabuto is action adventure on a massive scale!

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With that color sky, it's not earth.
Sadly, the PS2 version of Giants won't include any multi-player modes, not even a 2-player split screen. The developers however see this as a positive move, as it has allowed them to focus on the single player mode, and until we go online with the PS2 I tend to agree. The developers have also enhanced the game from the PC version by adding in particle effects to create a more realistic and organic world to explore. Commencing the game will allow you to select from the three different species before you are plunged into 45 varied missions set across 16 unique islands.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto was well received on the PC, and the Playstation 2 game looks even better. The worlds seem more colourful, the characters have an increased polygon count and the game looks to have many of the "problems", such as a lack of save points, of the PC version remedied. The game has been constantly delayed and even the current October date looks a little shakey, thanks to Interplay's financial troubles. Whenever the game does come out it will definitely be worth the wait.