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October 28, 2003
Ghost Hunter - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
5/12/2003SonyStudio Cambridge1$99.95

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Wonderful ghost effects!
While it wasn't the best game in terms of gameplay there is no denying that Primal was, and still is, one of the best looking games on Playstation 2. No doubt Sony Europe's Studio Cambridge had some hefty assistance from the Playstation 2 performance anazlyzer, a tool which allows programmers to squeeze every last bit of power out of the console. Studio Cambridges latest game, Ghost Hunter has been inspired by classic horror and suspense movies, and looks to have captured that feel perfectly. The storyline also looks set to keep you engrossed.

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Looks like my wife's teddy bear.
Few people have the ability to see ghosts, and few spirits are able to communicate with the outside world, but the earth is nonetheless full of supernatural forces - the remnants of every creature killed before its time. Some degenerate into monstrous creatures, others exist for centuries increasing in power and retaining a human mind. A number of these creatures have formed The Parliament of Spooks and their sole aim is to steal back life from the living.

Enter Lazarus Jones, a young, idealistic Detroit cop, who is thrust into the role of Ghosthunter, after a routine patrol during his first week on the job unearths the supernatural research centre of Professor Peter Richmond. Whilst searching the facility for more clues, Jones hears strange voices, and, during his investigation, he inadvertently unleashes the ghosts into the world.

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Nice lighting.
Lazarus' partner, Anna Steele is abducted by one of the ghosts, leaving Jones to clean up the chaos left by the swarm of supernatural spirits and monsters enjoying their new found freedom and running amok on earth. One of these creatures, Astral, bonds with Jones, allowing him to see into the spectral realm. Unwillingly propelled into the role of demon hunter, Jones begins his quest to find the professor, developing an expansive arsenal of ghost-catching tools and weapons, including Ghost Lassoes, Capture Grenades and Spectral Goggles. As his adventure progresses, Jones finds himself entwined in a mysterious conspiracy that appears to be connected to a spate of recent disappearances.

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My wife and her teddy bear?
In essence Ghost Hunter is a third person (althoguh you can switch to first person mode at times) action title that (like every game coming out these days) blends stealth, strategy and action sequences. The developers have include a wide range of hi-tech weaponry and gadgets for hunting and capturing ghosts. Naturally ghosts can't be shot using conventional weapons so in this game the player must throw a device at the ghosts and then shoot them to trap them, not dissimilar to the classic Ghostbusters movie. In an interesting twist when the ghosts have been captured it will be possible to enter a sort of zoo where you can look at them, read their vital stats and if the need arises, and you know it damn well will, torture them.

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Nice visuals outside too...
What is amazing about this title is the quality of the visuals. The locations vary from Alcatraz styled prisons to sunken ships. The ghosts, however, look like stealing the show with some exceptional transparency effects and morphing. Particular attention has also been paid to the lighting in the game as this adds to the overall atmosphere. The sound should also impress as the developers have

Ghost Hunter is shaping up as one of the most visually impressive title on Playstation 2 to date. Combine that with a strong storyline, great locations and some frantic action adn this game is certain to be a winner. Expect a release before Christmas.