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September 9, 2004
Get on Da Mic - Preview
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Sending the crowd wild.
Another karaoke game, but this is for the hip-hop/rap crowd rather then the classics/pop crowd which Sing Star and Karaoke Stage are aimed towards. Get on da Mic which is in development at Artificial Mind and Movement, or A2M for short and who are responsible for titles such as Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem and Scaler, is to be co-publised by Eidos. The game is also being co-developed by Highway1 Productions as well. Confused yet. Well the development/publishing duties may be confusing but the game is not. This is a singing game which, with the USB microphone allows you to show off your skills and become a great singer.

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Hmmm.. I don't know this song.
Much like Midway's NBA Ballers this game is also about the lifestyle. Get On Da Mic allows you to live the fantasy of rap superstardom, embracing the famous excesses of the hip hop lifestyle along the way. Get On Da Mic allows you to rap your way from the street to the stage with 40+ hit songs made popular by your favorite hip hop artists. These artists aren't your B grade artists either as Eidos have secured the rights to use music from artists such as Dr. Dre, Jkwon, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Tupac and many more.

It will be possible to create the success story for all 10 characters, earning cash and spending it on hip hop's hottest brands! Gamers will also be able to personalize your style from head to toe with more than 15,000 possibilities. Multi-player will also be possible as the developers are setting up support for 2-players allowing you to battle it out with friends, perform together, or go at it freestyle.

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She's quite, blue...
Graphically Get on Da Mic already looks fairly polished. The characters all have a great, if somewhat clean look (although I'm not sure why the woman in the screenshot to the right is more purple then, well, human coloured). The game is also Eye Toy compatible so you can see yourself as you belt out the songs.

I have to say that I'm looking forward to this title. Although very little has been seen it will make a nice change from other singing titles which have a more old school music basis. Hopefully the ability to acquire bling such as clothing, yachts, cars etc will play a large part and not just a distraction to the main game. Expect more news soon in the lead up to release this November.