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May 20, 2004
The Getaway: Black Monday - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
November 2004SonyTeam Soho1$99.95

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Nice background detail.
When Sony Europe released The Getaway it received wildly mixed reviews. Some people, such as us here at Future Gamez loved the game despite some flaws, while others simply hated it. What was certain was that it was one of the best looking games ever, and that included PC games. This sequel doesn't set any new benchmarks in graphics but the developers at Team Soho have been working on this sequel for almost two years, and are promising many changes and improvements. The storyline is also taking a front seat in the sequel.

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Check out the texturing.
London has grown quiet since the big gangland chaos ended two years ago. But in the silence, the London's underworld was rapidly recovering. Sgt. Ben Mitchell's first day back on the force and it ends in carnage. A police raid goes bad and sends a signal that London's undergoing a dangerous transformation - organized crime has returned... On the other side of the city, boxer Eddie O'Connor is getting a severe beating. The bank heist failed and his crew was slaughtered. He's in way over his head and the body count keeps rising. His only way out may lie with an ex-associate, Sam - a brilliant street-tough girl. Now the only things on everyone's mind are revenge and murder. Desperate decisions will be made and someone will pay the price?

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SWAT team on the hunt.
Once again the game will include a multi-path storyline, although it has been greatly enhanced. You will make critical decisions during gameplay that significantly impact the story's progression and development. Choose who lives and who dies. The Getaway: Black Monday provides an unbridled action/driving experience that gives you the choice: run there, drive there or do both. Seamlessly blast through a pool hall, escape down a fire escape and then steal a car. The Thriving City of London Brought to Life: Over 40 square kilometers have been photo-realistically recreated. The game is full of licensed cars and motorcycles to steal, drive and crash.

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In the tunnels.
One of the biggest complaints with the original game was the lack of weapons. Team Soho have heard the cries and this sequel includes 14 weapons at your disposal to bring order or chaos to London: shotguns, machine guns, pool sticks and more. The number of areas in the game to explore has been expanded with 17 new areas including the Underground tube system, the River Thames, and back alley streets. Interior locations have also been upgraded and enlarged which is nice to see.

The Getaway: Black Monday will include unlockable extras such as Free Roaming, Street Racing, Taxi Driver, Tourist modes and more. The graphical detail also extends to the characters with Sony motion capturing 23 actors for the game and including facial, body and death animations which are accurately portrayed. Finally to ensure longevity multiple endings will be included. All-in-all this is another stunning looking game that should generate a lot of interest. Expect a release around November 2004 in Europe and early 2005 America.