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August 25, 2005
Genji - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/10/2005SonyGame Republic1$79.95

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One of the stunning bosses.
First things first. Genji is the same game as Genji: Dawn of the Samurai albeit with a name change for PAL territories. This is an exciting game for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is being developed by Yoshiki Okamoto's new development studio, Game Republic. Even if his name isn't instantly recognisable his games certainly will be - Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry are among his titles. Now that's got your attention hasn't it. Besides the talent this game looks very impressive visually as you can see from the surrounding screenshots and is certainly pushing the PS2 to its very limits.

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Graphics really are stunning.
So what's it about then? Well, Genji is a historic samurai adventure set in feudal Japan. A brutal samurai clan armed with powerful mythical stones has destroyed all other clans and now violently rules the country. As Yoshitune, a cunning swordsman and one of the few surviving decendants of the Genji clan, you embark on an epic adventure to restore peace to Japan and avenge your clan. With swords in hand and the aide of a powerful ally, you wage war against an ambitious rule, skilled swordsmen, vicious demons and a world rife with evil. The dawn of the samurai has arrived.

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Using the 'Mind's Eye'.
Being a samurai game many would think this game plays like Capcom's Onimusha titles and indeed you can hack and slash you way through the game, however you will also need to make use of the Kamui powers - which may be renamed to 'Mind's Eye' for the PAL game. These powers are available by tapping the L1 button when the Kamui meter is full (following enough standard attacks) and allows you to slow time around you, allowing you to anticipate the enemies’ movements with lightning precision and unleash graceful finishing moves.

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Battle on the steps.
The developers are also promising a unique artificial intelligence, developed in conjunction with top Japanese fight director, Mitsuhiko Seike, constantly controls the action transforming each battle sequence into carefully choreographed kung-fu combat.

As you can see from the surrounding screenshots the visuals in Genji are quite impressive. Indeed, the NTSC version of the game runs at a steady 60fps and while not confirmed we can only hope that we get a 60Hz mode here in Australia as well.

Time will tell if the gameplay matches the quality of these visuals - if they do we're in for something very special. Expect a release in America in September, and PAL territories including Australia in October.