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November 12, 2004
Forgotton Realms Demon Stone - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
24/9/2004AtariStormfront Studios1M15+Medium
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen
86KBDolby PLIIYesNoNoneNo

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Graphics are pretty sweet.
Before getting into this review I'll make one thing clear... prior to playing Forgotten Realms Demon Stone, I had never come into any contact with games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or any of that type of hoo-haa. The reason for this is simply because I believed it was a 'nerdy' thing to do. However, now that I've experienced Forgotten Realms Demon Stone, I have come to respect the genre of magic, and fantasy so much more than I ever did.

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Nice lightning effects.
The story is the game's greatest asset, and here it is. One hundred years ago, a wise mage entrapped two malevolent creatures into a stone, a demon stone, if you will. And by doing so, he sealed their fate in the depths of the Damara mines. And now, a century later, war is being fought between the Orcs and the Goblins in the field of Gemspark Mine. It is during this war, that a force like no other has drawn three strangers together to their fateful encounter. Once there, they let loose an unexplainable evil that will seal the doom for the world of Faeuren. Now, without any other options, the trio join forces on a journey for another demon stone to undo the evil they've set upon the world. And there it is, quite epic, isn't it?

Demon Stone is an epic struggle for power that is broken apart into ten different chapters. The threesome are introduced in the opening chapter, where they begin their struggle, and immediately, the importance of teamwork and co-operation shines right through.

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Textures could be nicer.
You see, unlike other hack n' slash games (such as Lord of the Rings or Devil May Cry), Demon Stone's basic message is teamwork, and emphasis is placed on the fundamental importance of the use of teamwork in this title. The main goal in Demon Stone is to several ordeals and obstacles with team management and simple tactical elements. It isn't recommended that you would assume the role of a single character and attempt and fighting the war lonesome, otherwise there is an enormous risk you run, and chances are strong that you'd die rather easily. Often enough, a teammate's help will be needed very much, once again establishing that this game is all about teamwork. All three members of the crew must remain alive, otherwise the mission comes to an abrupt and saddening end.

Luckily, during my run through Demon Stone, I came across no flaws within the gameplay itself, as in glitches, or obvious difficulties within it's engine. Sure, the game is slightly challenging, but that is very much intended by the developers. Likewise Demon Stone is an overly clean game when it comes to presentation, and it's lack of glitches or graphical flaws.

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See any simiarities...
Speaking of graphics, boy have the graphical crew really done wonders with this title. From the gorgeous lush fields, to the darkest corners of the darkest dungeons, the maps in this game are really something to look at. Even the character models exceed my expectations, they're surprisingly detailed, but I didn't really expect any less from those behind such fine looking games as Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

The magic effects look beautifully crafted, as do the other weapons in general. The animations in the game are also well done, smooth fluid action allows the gamer to lose themself in a false sense of reality, where they can believe they are seeing something from a movie. Or, that's how I felt at least, it just looks that good, that's as simple as I can put this. It's not photo realism, but it's almost as beautiful as art. Almost.

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The sound is quite well done as well. From the clashing steel sound effects, to the sound of footsteps on the brick floors, it all sounds so real. And the voice acting is also of some quality. The epic soundtrack backing some of the war scenes is very called-for, and necessary, and only makes the game that much more of a classic hack n' slash.

An overall verdict... I'd say that Forgotten Realms Demon Stone is one of those games where you don't need to be die-hard fans of those fantasy magic games like Dungeons and Dragons, but if you are, it would help. Fortunately the game is as equally enjoyable without being a fan of it, I mean, I have no clue and yet I still had an absolute ball slaying everything I could find. With a solid story to back the action, and overly challenging and enjoyable hack n' slash game, it's easy to see why this game is selling at a quite decent rate at the moment. It's well worth a look.

Review By: Brodie Gibbons

GRAPHICSVery slick, to the say the very least. I'm more than satisfied.
SOUNDDecent voice acting, backed up by an epic soundtrack.
GAMEPLAYHack n' slash never made me ooze with satisfaction, this does.
VALUEThe game is short, under ten hours to complete. Quite unfortunate.
OVERALLA basic, yet somehow complicated hack n'slash game that is fuelled by it's epic story, and it's unique teamwork engine. However, it's sadly let down by it's lack of depth and it's poor replay value.

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