December 22, 2001
Evil Twin Cyprien's Chronicles - Review
Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating Price
14/12/2001UbiSoftIn Utero1G8+$99.95
Online Gameplay Difficulty Save Size Vibration 60Hz 50Hz Border

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Texture detail is impressive.
UbiSoft have really become one of the most important developers on consoles. Just look at their games on Playstation 2 this year. They began the year with the stunning Rayman Revolution, which is still one of the best platform games ever, and have followed that up with gems such as Donald Duck, Kengo, Armored Core 2, the interactive music DVD Moderngroove: Ministry of Sound Edition and their most recent hits, Batman Vengeance and Rayman M. Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles has been developed by In Utero for UbiSoft, but lacks absolutely none of that UbiSoft charm and polish that we have come to expect.

Evil Twin follows a young boy named Cyprien who is having his birthday, on the anniversary of his parents death. As his emotions reach breaking point Cyprien unleashes a secret power and banishes his friends to a dark, twisted alternate reality. Desperate to find his friends and the secrets to the power he wields, Cyprien ventures into the world on the Undabed and enters a world of fears and dreams. Before the nightmare is over Cyprien has to rebuild a world torn apart by evil, confront corrupt and freakish versions of his friends and discover the true nature of his destructive power.

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Some of the best fire effects ever.
It certainly is an interesting, and somewhat twisted, plot that works well within the game. While playing Evil Twin you control Cyprien while on his journey to release his friends from their dream-world prisons. This is basically an adventure game with plenty of platform styled elements such as jumping from ledge to ledge over water and lava etc. Cyprien is armed with a slingshot which, rather nicely, can be used in either third or first person perspective for a bit of variety. At times you will have to use the first person view to hit distant switches to create bridges to continue. Very early on you will also discover that Cyprien can transfor into Super Cyp, a much more powerful form with a wider range of moves and attacks. Some sections of the game can only be passed while in Super Cyp form.

Actually controlling Cyprien through the levels is a complete joy. The controls are responsive and the developers have generated a very accurate game world. If you die, it's almost always your mistake, not the game. Cyprien can run, leap, swim, climb, hover, and battle enemies while exploring the 8 nightmarish island worlds which are comprised of over 70 sub-levels. During the game Cyprien will pick up different types of ammo for the sling shot which have different powers and abilities. This is one game that will take you some time to beat, not only because of the moderate difficulty level, but also the length which is quite impressive.

While Evil Twin is technically proficient my one concern is that it's not quite as fun as it should be. Unlike Rayman Revolution, Evil Twin can be very dark and gloomy in spots, which is intentional for this game, while the characters are still not quite as fun to watch. Who can forget some of the great monents with Globox in Rayman? Still, there is very little else to fault in this game so technically it's up there with the best of them. From the intro to the end battles you will be captivated by the game.

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It may look a bt dull, but it's not.
Graphically, In Utero have done a wonderful job. As previously mentioned the game has a dark and gloomy look, but it's done with so much artistic value that you will still be amazed when you come to every new section. The visual effects such as fires, water, and fireballs look particularly impressive while the texturing within the levels is very impressive. Perhaps the biggest positive in this game is the character design and animation. Each of the over 120 different characters in the game have their own, often humorous, traits that make them a joy to watch during the numerous cut scenes. These cut scenes themselves are very entertaining, and even some lengthy gameplay introductions at the beginning of the game are entertaining enough to sit through.

Yet another area that will blow you away is with the sound through the game. The first thing that you will not is the wonderful speech which is extremely varied, and almost always entertaining. From Cyprien to the enemies each of them has a distinct personality that makes the game so much more lively. Not to be outdone the musicians involved with the game have created a score that would be fitting in a major motion picture. The music alters with the action on screen and changes tempo accordingly. Finally the sound effects round off what is a great sound package with the game.

Despite the fact that Evil Twin has been in development for several years now, there has been little buzz over the title which is rather sad as it deserves plenty of attention. Fortunately, unlike many delayed titles that are still released with problems, Evil Twin is exactly the opposite. It's a highly polished, quite entertaining game that must be considered. Well done In Utero and UbiSoft.

GRAPHICSVaried levels with some rather crisp visuals although a little dark.
SOUNDSome wonderful speech is backed up with great music and effects.
GAMEPLAYA little slow paced at times but game is quite fun and will grab you.
VALUENot the longest game ever, but you will come back for a re-run.
OVERALLAnother quality title for UbiSoft with quirky sense of humour.

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