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June 4, 2004
McFarlane's Evil Prophecy - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2004AtariKonami Hawaii1-4$99.95

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Plenty of characters on screen.
McFarlane's Evil Prophecy has been in development at Konami Hawaii for quite some time now. In fact the game was first announced in May 2003, just prior to the E3 show. The game was originally scheduled for release in Christmas 2003. Since then Konami have been spending a bit more time then expected on the game with the American release now set (hopefully) for June 15th 2004, with a PAL release hopefully before Christmas 2004.

As you can probably figure the game includes Todd McFarlane's characters and input into development. If you are unsure who Todd is, he's the man who created Necrid for Tekken 4 and the characters Spawn as well as working on comic books such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and Batman. He also owns McFarlane Toys, so he knows how to create entertaining characters, that's for sure.

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Somewhat dull ground texturing.
As you would expect the storyline in an action game such as this really only sets the backdrop to the action, but it's still fairly solid. McFarlane's Evil Prophecy is set in the early 19th Century, during a time when six evil forces have awakened. Controlling four McFarlane-designed monster hunters with magical powers, gamers must destroy the evil forces and their minions before they overtake the world. Gamers step into this environment and face off against more than 150 monsters, including six beasts from McFarlane's Monsters line of action figures: Dracula, Mummy, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Sea Creature and Voodoo Queen.

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Using duel pistols.
The monster hunters come equipped with their own special attacks, as well as specific strengths and weaknesses. Armed with an arsenal of deadly moves, making the decision of which attack to use in a situation becomes a challenge. The hunting troupe will also face intelligent monsters equipped with their own fighting strategies as they work their way through the adventure. As a result, combat with the monsters becomes an intuitive, intense party-based melee that is as action packed as it is fun. Featuring more than six challenging areas, McFarlane's Evil Prophecy also includes hidden bonus elements, as well as a non-linear game structure that allows players to experience the title's 40 stages in any order they wish, guaranteeing a unique experience every time the game is played. Along with first-rate fighting skills and quick-thinking strategy, players will have to manage their health and solve puzzles in order to succeed in McFarlane's Evil Prophecy.

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Some great characters.
PlayStation 2 fans can choose to go it alone or use the multi-player mode for cooperative play with up to three other gamers using the PlayStation 2 Multitap Adapter. The only disappointment is that a game like this is really asking for online gameplay - sadly it won't be included.

While this game has been delayed from its original November 2003 release, it looks to have only made the game all the more stronger for it. The graphics are nice, the gameplay frantic and the character design impressive. The only issue will be if the game has enough variety to keep you glued to the screen. Expect a PAL release in late 2004 following America's mid-2004 release. One to keep an eye on.