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April 8 2007
Everybody's Tennis - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
3/5/2007SonyClap Hanz1-4$79.95

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These screens are all we could get.
Tennis games have been around since the earliest days of gaming. One of the first arcade games, Pong was based on the idea of tennis; hit the ball back to your opponent to win the point. We've seen dozens of tennis titles over the years, most are farily entertaining, but we have feeling that Everybody's Tennis could clamour to the top of the pile. Sure it doesn't have licensed players, or courts, but promises to be one of the most entertaining games in terms of gameplay, and multi-player thrills. If you want graphics you've got the PS3, if you want gameplay this may be the game for you.

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C'mon, smash it!
Everybody's Tennis includes four key game modes...

  • 'Challenge' mode is the main mode where budding champions will play – win matches against your opponents to obtain new skills and improve your overall standard of play.
  • 'Tiers' asks you to defeat an opponent who is in a higher ‘tier’ than you. If you blast them off the court you rise to that tier and take on players of a better standard.
  • 'Tennis Superstar' can be reached by scoring more than 80 victory points against all characters in Star Rank singles matches. So, whilst it’s loads of fun, you still need to practice like the pros to become the Everybody's Tennis champion.
  • 'Practice' mode helps you hone your skills, increase your stamina and is the schooling you need to reach the top.

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One of the unique courts.
As you can see the developers have opted for cartoon styled graphics in Everybody's Tennis rather then realism, and the same will be true of the gameplay. Rather then a simulation of the sport this is more arcade styled, but that allows the developers to put in much more fun and flair. Of course playing the game as single-player title will be entertaining however it's the multi-player with up to four players offline (at least, at this stage there has been no confirmation of online gameplay - here's hoping) that will set this game alight.

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Just makes it in time.
So Everybody's Tennis doesn't look like the best game from a technical standpoint on the PS2, and the developers certainly aren't aiming for a realistic look with licensed players, but the game is pretty much guaranteed to be fun - especially with 4-players at once. Much like Clap Hanz' Everybody's Golf titles we expect this game to provide plenty of thrills and spills and to heard that Sony Europe are bring the game out in out territory (when it doesn't look like an American release is on the cards yet) is very impressive. Expect a release in early May through Sony Australia.