June 25, 2002
Dino Stalker - Preview
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About to get the chomp.
Light gun games are usually pretty restrictive with their subject matter. Beside Namco's excellent Point Blank which has standard sort of targets, other games usually have you shooting zombies or people. With the release of Jurassic Park in the cinemas almost a decade ago now the potential of a shooter with dinosaurs was realised and several Jurassic Park arcade games were released. This game Dino Stalker isn't based on the movies, but is easily could be. Known as Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis in Japan the light gun game is played in the first person perspective. Fortunately the storyline has also been paid some attention.

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Dinosaurs will attack in packs.
It is 1943 and while in combat over the Atlantic the plane of fighter ace Lt. Mike Wired is hit. He is forced to eject and engage his parachute. The enemy plane turns and is just about to shoot the defenceless Wired when time appears to freeze. The plane disappears and in the same moment an unfamiliar weapon appears in his hand along with a mysterious object on his wrist. The plane may have vanished, but Wired is suddenly aware of a new threat - strange flying creatures resembling giant birds are heading menacingly towards him.

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Hmmm.. this will take some bullets.
Having seen off the attack Wired lands safely in a jungle clearing where he sees yet more strange creatures that remind him of the dinosaurs he learnt about at school. But how can that be, the year is 1943 and dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years? The strange object on his wrist then crackles into life and an unknown voice informs Wired that he is the only one who can save the world. Confused, Wired pushes on through the jungle hoping to find some answers.

A free-roaming first person shooter, Dino Stalker is broken down into a series of stages all of which must be completed within a given time limit. Players will encounter over a dozen different species of dinosaurs in varied environments, all of which are set to make you their lunch.

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Dinosaurs will attack from above.
While playing Dino Stalker you will take to the water in a speedboat and go up against the aqueous assault of the Plesiosaurus; dodge the aerial bombardment of the Pteranodons or evade the frenzied attacks of the ground based dinosaurs such as Raptors and Triceratops. Dino Stalker introduces a unique feature to this genre - a radar system, allowing players to pick up the movement of dinosaurs early. When combined with the sniper-rifle, this feature becomes a very important ally in the fight to stay alive.

Dino Stalker is a great looking game on Playstation 2, and should be yet another great light gun game. The question remains however if the game will have much longevity, something which most light gun games lack due to their arcade nature. Keep and eye out for Dino Stalker in October this year.