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Sept. 15, 2005
Drift Racer - Preview
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3.6 meters behind.
Drift Racer probably isn't a name that would be too familiar to many and thats understandable as the series has never been released outside Japan - not even in America, but is also commonly known as Kaido Racer. Now however PAL gamers will be able to get a taste of one of the best drift racing games from Japan and interestingly at this stage there isn't even a release planed for America, go figure. Drift racing places as much emphisis on drifting around the courses as it does on the actual racing lines. The developers Genki have a long track record with racing game with their most well known series here being the very entertaining Tokyo Extreme Racer titles.

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Oh the Nissan Skyline.
The game offers five modes of play including career mode, precision racing, time attack and head-to-head one or two player racing. The career mode will pit gamers against nearly 200 underground racers in official daytime events and underground night time races. Drift Racer: Kaido Battle is tricked out with additional features, including environment effects for all four seasons, weather effects such as rain, snow and fog, replay movie galleries and licensed in-game music from known progressive house DJs.

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Selecting the car to buy.
Drift Racer includes more than 150 licensed cars from over a dozen manufacturers, with detailed tuning modifications using sponsored race parts and accurate car and parts specifications. The game will also include a 2-player split screen mode but no online gameplay sadly.

Ever since we first got sight of this game early this year we have seen steady improvements in the graphics, and also improvements in the features in the title. As you can see from the surrounding screenshots this game is shaping up very nicely indeed. The graphics aren't the best seen on the PS2, but appear to be capable enough with some nice detail on the cars as well.

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Racing at night time.
Another aspect which deserves a mention is the fact that you will be racing in both day and nights. This should provide some great moments with some racers, such as Need for Speed Underground, only taking place at night time, and not day, and many other titles only allowing daytime racing, and not night.

Anyone here who has played Ridge Racer on PSP will know just how much fun drifting can be in racing games. In fact the racing style has become quite massive in Japanese games and its a welcome addition to the PAL racing lineup this year. If racing specialists Genki can deliver on their promises then this will be a title to keep an eye out for in November 2005.