January 11, 2001
Donald Duck: Quack Attack - Preview
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Click To Enlarge ImageUbiSoft have been one of the biggest supporters of the Dreamcast over the last year and look like continuing that support well into the future. But that doesn't mean Playstation 2 owners will miss out, far from it. In July 2000 it was announced that the company has 16 titles in development for Sony's new system, five of which were to be launch titles. Obviously that didn't happen with UbiSoft only completing Dinosaur in time for Christmas. One of the more impressive launch titles was going to be Donald Duck - Quack Attack, which actually uses the excellent Rayman 2 graphics engine.

Click To Enlarge ImageThe storyline should sound fairly familiar to anyone who has played any adventure games in the past. The story features Daisy as a world famous reporter and photographer, on special assignment to take pictures of Merlock's Imaginary Kingdom. While working, Daisy is taken prisoner by Merlock the evil magician. Donald Duck must rescue his sweetheart and he must act fast because his cousin Gladstone is determined to rescue Daisy first.

Click To Enlarge ImageDeveloped with the help of Disney Interactive Donald Duck: Quack Attack should be huge. The game is set across 4 worlds, which are split up into 24 different levels. With the power of the Playstation 2 behind it, the levels in this game are amazingly detailed and mimic the cartoon worlds perfectly. Hopefully, and as I would expect, the sounds should also follow the cartoons very closely.

If Ubisoft's track record is anything to go by then this title should be another classic game, especially following the awesome Rayman 2 on Dreamcast, which is also headed to the Playstation 2. With humor straight from the cartoon series this will definitely be a game to keep in mind when deciding your January purchases.