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January 12, 2003
Devil May Cry 2 - Preview
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The architecture is impressive.
Although development of Devil May Cry 2 has been happening for some time now the 2002 E3 show was the public unveiling of what will almost certainly be another hit title for Capcom, and the Playstation 2. The game once again stars Dante, the hero from the original Devil May Cry. This time he has many new weapons at this disposal. With Capcom promising double the size of the first game Devil May Cry 2 promises to be much more action packed and engrossing then the original title, if that is possible.

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Surrounded by enemies.
Unlike the original title which takes place in a very gothic styled castle, Devil May Cry 2 takes place in a large modern European city, which still retains some stunning architecture which is evident throughout these screens. These buildings enable Dante to pull off some amazing new acrobatic stunts such as triple jumps and running up walls and along buildings. Apparently it will even be possible to jump across rooftops to attack, or escape, from enemies.

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Now this looks tough.
Once again the game is set up as a series of missions to complete, and the rankings are likely to return, possibly in an expanded or more detailed form. Capcom have promised more variety in the enemies to deal with, one of which will be the birds in the screenshots on this page. Another addition to the game seems to be some matrix styled camera rotations to the action. One change to the game is the Orb system which Capcom are currently considering either altering heavily, or removing totally to replace with another system.

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The game has great visual effects
To add a little bit more to this game the developers have confirmed that at times you will be able to play as a female character, which isn't Trish from the original game, but rather a young girl named Lucia. Her weapon is two Khopesh swords. She isn't as capable as Dante, however, and can't run along walls. This could add another quite different element to the gameplay, and the approach to the enemies.

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My, what a big gun.
A small question remains about the development team who are quite different from the team that worked on the first game. Then again this is Capcom and they are not going to let this franchise, which has a lot more potential then the fizzling Resident Evil, fall to pieces. The locations in this game are wonderfully detailed, while the character models looks much improved. The music will retain the hard edge rock sound of the original. Hopefully, as with Capcom's Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny, thd PAL version of the game will include a 60Hz mode to keep the action fast. Devil May Cry 2 is certain to be another magnificent game from Capcom in early 2003 and with promised improvements this game will almost certainly be another PS2 "must have".