July 23, 2002
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
21/6/2002EidosIon Storm1MA15+Medium
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It's a riot cop!
Anyone who follows games at all on the PC would most certainly heard of Deus Ex. The game was released a couple of years ago and still remains one of the best games ever due to it's engaging plot, strong graphics and non-linear gameplay. It's taken a while to make the conversion to the Playstation 2, but with a strong past this game is more then welcome. Can the developers' port on of the most demanding PC games to Playstation 2, or does it stumble like so many other PC to PS2 ports. But first; let's start with the story of this action/adventure/RPG/FPS.

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The game includes many cut scenes.
The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old, conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you. You are J.C. Denton, a rookie agent in the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) and recently assigned to counter terrorist efforts by the National Secessionist Force (NSF). It's a dangerous world which hides a lot of dangerous secrets for you to discover.

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Deus Ex is very dark and moody.
One of the great things about this game is that it isn't a strict First Person Shooter, nor is it just an adventure game, or a Role Playing game. Deus Ex's developers have managed to successfully blend together all the different game styles into one epic storyline. The best thing about Deus Ex however is that you can choose the approach to the game by paying for extra abilities for you character. If you want to take an action approach to the game the weapons training is a good option whereas if you wish to take a stealth approach lock picking will be a better choice. So while the game could have been just a typical FPS, the addition of upgrading the lead character adds in a RPG element.

The gameplay itself is very rewarding. The levels are littered with many non-playable characters who will give out small details of information which may, or may not, help you progress further. You can choose the approach to many of these NPC's such as ignoring or helping them. Also impressive in Deus Ex is the quantity of items available to be used throughout the game, it puts James Bond games, and movies, to shame.

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It's looking risky, but nice.
Problems with this game are few and far between. Firstly while the gameplay is engrossing there may be some issues with the controls. Having not played the PC original I picked up this game and got stuck into it pretty quickly and with few problems. A couple of my mates who have played the PC game had some trouble adapting - and yes, they own PS2's so it wasn't getting used to the Dual Shock 2 controller. Also a little disappointing is the overall look of the game which can be a little on the dull and uninspiring side, especially when sitting alongside some other Playstation 2 action games.

Unfortunately while the gameplay is rather fresh and exciting this doesn't extend to the graphics. As a game released on PC around two years ago now it was never going to look as good as dedicated Playstation 2 games such as the upcoming Red Faction 2 and TimeSplitters 2, or even their prequels released almost 2 years ago. The problem with Deus Ex is that it looks dull and bland with some below average texturing. The frame rate also suffers slightly when there is a lot of action on screen, but it never reaches the point of frustration. The cut scenes are also implemented very well with most conversations occurring within the game engine.

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Friend or foe? Better decide.
Sound-wise Deus Ex is fairly solid. The sound effects are realistic and exciting enough while the speech, and there's quite a bit of it is pretty well done overall with few corny lines to grimace at. Even talking to the same person several times over often results in different phrases. The music, while limited in overall use through the game, is effective and adds some atmosphere to the game.

Overall Deus Ex has been ported over very well from the PC. Unfortunately given the age of the PC title the game does look a little bit dated compared to other titles. Fortunately the gameplay is just as tight and exciting as the original PC game, perhaps more so due to the simplified controls which work very well on the console. If you have a powerful PC you may wish to pick up that version as it's available for about half the price of the PS2 game. If you don't have a powerful PC then this port does the game justice and won't disappoint.

GRAPHICSCompared to other PS2 games it looks bland, some frame rate issues.
SOUNDEverything is solid enough, but never stands out as brilliant.
GAMEPLAYMany options and different ways of completing missions. Great.
VALUEWith different ways of completing missions you'll probably be back.
OVERALLIf you haven't played the original PC version of Deus Ex then you should have a look at this game. Unfortunately the game looks a little dated today, and includes a lot more load points then the PC original.

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