August 1, 2001

Dark Cloud - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
21/9/2001SonyLevel 51$99.95

Click To Enlarge ImageIf there is one genre that the Playstation has helped bring to the masses then it would most certainly be the RPG. Square's Final Fantasy series has sold in massive quantities while action RPG's such as Shadow Man and Legacy of Kain have done equally well. It comes as no surprise to see several RPG's lined up for Sony's system. As well as THQ's superb Summoner and From Software's Eternal Ring and Evergrace Sony will be releasing Dark Cloud although not until early 2001, a few months after the systems launch.

Click To Enlarge ImagePlayers assume the role of a young, innocent boy named Toran on an unforgettable epic journey of rebirth, revival and renewed hope. An evil demon spirit has been released and has left destruction in its wake, transforming living things and imprisoning them in dungeon caves far beneath the reaches of the light. Toran has the extraordinary gift of life and is the only hope for those who perished. He must harness the spirit of those destroyed and rebuild the lands in preparation for a final epic confrontation with the demon spirit.

Click To Enlarge ImageTrue to life graphics will mesmerise gamers as they create villages complete with houses, hills, churches, volcanoes, streams, villagers and where they given the ability to control the weather. Seamless transitions between the exploration, battle and creation modes allow for uninterrupted and instantaneous real-time gameplay. With its unparalleled versatility and freedom of the character’s destiny, Dark Cloud encourages players to let their imagination run wild.

Click To Enlarge ImageEven at this early stage of development, Dark Cloud looks set to be one of the most impressive titles on the system. Requiring strong puzzle solving skills, unique strategies and gorgeous graphics this game will almost certainly be a hit on the Playstation 2. Gamers around the world are already looking towards Dark Cloud to provide a lengthy gameplay experience on a system that will have more then it's share of arcade conversions. Can Dark Cloud compete with the gaming behemoth that is Square's Final Fantasy? Unlikely. But it might be very close.