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July 14, 2003
Dancing Stage MegaMix - Preview
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(incl. Mat)

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The tracks are very poppy.
It's hard to believe but without dancing games the arcades would almost be non-existant, even with strong titles such as Sega Rally, Tekken and Time Crisis and their sequels in recent years it really has been the dancing games - and mostly Konami's - that have saved the industry. Straight from the arcades, Dancing Stage MegaMix debuts on the PlayStation 2 for the very first time. But this isn't just as straight port as Konamis have invluded all-new songs and game modes, high-energy pulsating music and stunning graphics. The evolution of the revolution awaits you...

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Ahhh... the Vs mode.
Dancing Stage MegaMix boasts over 65 songs including 100+ minutes made up of licensed tracks, fresh dance hits and all new songs. The artists on offer include Kylie Minogue, Christina Milian, JXL, and The Cure among others. The game also includes full-motion music videos, high-resolution graphics and a wealth of new gameplay modes. Designed to take advantage of the powerful PlayStation 2 hardware and its increased storage capacity, Dancing Stage Mega Mix delivers never-before-seen in-game videos, new gameplay options, blistering 60-frames per second frame rates and the largest song library in franchise history.

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The graphics are very cool.
As for gameplay changes Dancing Stage Mega Mix introduces the FREEZE ARROW option that freezes on-screen arrows and forces you to modify your dance steps thus increasing complexity and adding a twist to the routine. Speaking od fance steps, yes, the game will include the dance mat to have you up and moving rather then just pressing buttons on the controller. Popular gameplay options that return are the Edit Mode that enables you to customize your own dance steps, and the special Work Out mode that keeps you healthy!

It's great to see Konami's more obscure titles finally coming out in PAL territories. Much like Sony's recent Eye Toy this is one of the greatest party games ever, and is a must have for any serious fun with friends. One thing to note is that for $109.95 not only do you get the game, but also a dance mat to strut your stuff. Expect a release in August.