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August 12, 2006
Dance Factory - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
14/9/2006AtariBroadsword Interactive1-16$79.95

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It's another dancing game.
While they're pretty popular in America, and certainly Japan, dancing games haven't really taken off in Europe or Australia as much as one would expect. The Eye Toy, and SingStar microphones have certainly made an impact but for one reason or another getting up off our asses and moving our feet is simply too much effort. But now we may have a very good reason. While games like Konami's Dance Dance Revolution give you a (admittedly impressive) 60-odd songs to dance to this latest effort from Codemasters allows you to dance to thousands if not, well, millions of songs. How's that you ask? Well, read on.

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The main menu interface.
Dance Factory is set to revolutionize the dance game market simply due to the fact that the game allows you to dance to any single track from your own music CD's. It doesn't play MP3's, but will play music on CD-R if you have some. The game actually creates the dance steps according to the music on your CD's. It doesn't matter if it's Dance music, Rock, R&B, Rap, Blues, or disco. If you can dance to it, it can be used in the game. Better still is the news that the game will allow you to add songs to your memory card - as yet we're not sure if that means you can rip the entire song which seems wrong given that you'd have to massively compress them to fit on a standard 8MB card, or if Codemasters mean just the dance moves which we suspect is the case. Either way it will dramatically reduce the loading before you start showing off your moves. Such is the focus on using your own CD's in the game that the developers are only providing 5 music tracks in-game to get you started. Unfortunately we don't have any details on the tracks yet.

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Using the fitness mode.
Naturally the game is fully compatible with all PS2 dance mats and one of the great aspects of this title is that you can not only dance to the steps provided, but if you have the need you can play a song, dance to it, and the PS2 will store your dance steps for later playback.

As with Konami's dance games one key component to this title is the ability to work out how many calories you've burnt while playing the game - a fantastic opportunity for anyone trying to lose a little big of weight. If the Dance Mat isn't enough the developers are also including support for the Eye Toy which, when enable also includes some hand movements to incorporate into your dancing to hit a series of buttons when required. At the very least you'll be able to see the results of your drunken antics!

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Graphics are pretty sweet.
Dance Factory will include support for up to 16-players, but of course these won't be simultaneous. Unfortunately there hasn't been any word if simultaneous 2-player support will be included in the game but we'll be a bit upset if it isn't.

In terms of graphics it doesn't appear that Dance Factory will be pushing any great boundaries, in fact it looks a bit plain to us - even for a dance game. Unlike Sony's SingStar there is of course no option for real video clips in the background.

Dance Factory is a very exciting product and will give me a good reason to get up off the couch. Expect the title to be released this September, with a dance mat.