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March 8, 2004
Cy Girls - Preview
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The Future Gamez server!
Ahhh Konami. Along with Capcom and Square the company is one of the most reliable when creating solid, enjoyable titles. WIth series' including Silent Hill, Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Solid it's great to see the company branching out with new franchises. While everyone is desperately waiting for news, and a release date, for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Cy Girls is another title that will likely keep us quite entertained during the wait. With a graphical style similar to Kojima's masterpiece, and almost as many CG cut-scenes, this game deserves as much attention. As we've come to expect from Konami the storyline plays a major part in the game.

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Running from the chopper.
Dive into the futuristic cyber-world of the Cy Girls, an all-new action thriller starring the sexiest duo in video games, Ice and Aska. Combining strength and style, this pair of spy-divas takes on the nastiest of cyber-terrorists in a world where the real and the virtual co-exist. Using their beauty, brains and brawn, these hot new heroines deliver twice the action! During the game you can control either of the two characters, Ice or Aska who are on parallel story paths. It will be interesting to see how well the two stories interact and cross paths. Hopefully it will be as good as Sony's The Getaway with the two lead characters.

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Nice moves.
Each of the two characters has unique, and seperate abilities. Ice is skilled with weapons while Aska is an expert in ninja combat techniques and has the ability to run along walls. As you progress through the game each of the characters acquires new skills to assist them in taking on enemies. The game includes a manual or automatic camera as well as an option to turn on or off the automatic aiming. Taking inspiration from The Matrix the game includes an alternate hackers reality. Some levels will require you to switch between worlds to progress. The Cyber Worls doesn't allow any weapons, so your skills with hand to hand combat will come into play.

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Floor textures need some work.
Cy Girls looks functional enough graphically, although the texturing certainly could do with a bit of beefing up - then again the same was said with Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty - however the game will run at a full 60fps. Konami are including approximately 2 hours of CG forcing the developers to expand the game to two DVD's (each disc covers one character - Aska or Ice). The intro alone runs long enough for you to ensure you have some food and drinks by your side. Let's hope this isn't just an interacive movie though.

Expect an Australian release on June 11th.