April 1, 2001
Crazy Taxi - Preview
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Axel is one very cool dude.
What a difference a year makes. One year ago we were all raving about Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast and saying that it would sell by the truckload. Sure, it sold well but never managed to push consoles out the door for Sega. Twelve months down the track and Sega have announced the death of the Dreamcast and that they will be developing titles on other systems, which to date includes the Playstation 2, Gameboy Advance and most recently the XBox. Crazy Taxi was the first title confirmed, however instead of Sega developing the title on the Playstation 2 they handed it over to Acclaim. Can Acclaim create an accurate port of the arcade and Dreamcast games?

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Expect some serious jumps.
Crazy Taxi is quite possibly the most original racing title in the arcades for years. Most racing games have you driving from point A to point B in the quickest time possible to claim victory, but Crazy Taxi is a little different. The object of this game is to pick up passengers and deliver them to their destination before the timer runs out and in doing so earn fare money. It may sound strange but it is a lot of fun.

After selecting a driver you will find yourself in a realistic looking town. Well, they may not be real locations but they are littered with real places such as KFC or Pizza Hut. Soon enough you will find someone that needs a taxi urgently to get to the other side of town or to a local store. In fact, Crazy Taxi encourages you to drive the passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible. If the drop off point is on the other side of the park don't go around, go straight through it. The sooner you get there, the more money you receive and the higher your overall ranking.

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Gus has the coolest car.
Playing Crazy Taxi is a blast. With silky smooth controls and plenty of obstacles to destroy it will be hard to forget about this game in a hurry. Hopefully Acclaim will also be able to use the same music as AM2 who included music from The Offspring and Bad Religion, just to help the adrenaline if it drops a bit. It also appears as if Acclaim will inlcude the mini-games which AM2 developed for the home conversions. Trying to get the longest jump or driving on narrow ledges are just some of the (difficult) mini-games to keep you entertained, and coming back for more. Under the terms of the contract Acclaim are only allowed to do a direct port of the game and not add in any new features. Still, as one of the best Dreamcast games, you can't really complain with what you're getting.

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A female driver? Excellent.
Worldwide sales of the Dreamcast version of Crazy Taxi are well over 500,000 units. With the Playstation 2 already having a much larger user base this could be a massive seller, as long as Acclaim's port of the game is good. Their track record is very patchy with some awesome titles, and some absolute duds. Still with Sega's quality control over the title things should go well.

Expect new screenshots and information to be released as the title nears completion. With an Australian release now set for May 2001 (ie next month) more information should be at hand soon.