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June 26, 2007
Crusty Demons - PS2 Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
16/1/2007FuntasticRed Mile1-2MA15+Easy
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen

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Scissor Sistors in action.
Crusty Demons... do I need to say more? This is one of those "unless youíve been under a rock your whole lives" things again... but for those of you who do dwell beneath granite-like objects, here we go. Crusty Demons is a group of somewhat psychotic guys from America who spend their time playing chicken with death via ridiculously outrageous stunts on motorbikes. Then they film it and sell it to all of us who like to look at people cheating death. Sound like fun? Well Ė now thereís a game! Thatís right Ė you too can pull off the outrageous tricks from the comfort of your own home! "How?" I hear ask... well read on to hear more about it!

Believe it or not, this game actually has a story! You play a biker who has had his soul taken by the devil. This sucks majorly, but does allow you to crash time and time again and still get up and crash again. Nonetheless, you are determined to get back what is rightfully yours, and the only way you can do this is to impress Lucifer enough to earn it back.

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Evanesence's Bring Me To Life
Believe it or not, Crusty Demons actually plays almost identically to the Tony Hawk games of old. Each level is a reasonably small confined area, and in each area you have a set list of goals to achieve. Passing enough of them will enable you to advance to the next area. You can get goals from talking to the in-game characters and so on. There are also a handful of race courses and thatís pretty much all there is to it. Missions themselves vary from collections, through to injure yourself as much as possible quests.

Crashes really are the best part of this game, and if the stack is big enough, the game will automatically go into slow-mode, and you even get x-rays of what bones you break! Itís quite fun and amusing as hell, at least the first handful of times. After that it gets a bit repetitive.

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James Morrisson - slick.
Unfortunately, while there is nothing particularly wrong with the game that sums up how it plays in a nutshell. It gets very repetitive very quickly. Itís just a very short-lived game that is really only going to offer a lot of playtime to absolute completionists.

Graphically Crusty Demons isnít anything to write home about. It certainly doesnít look bad, and it runs very smoothly at all times, but it doesnít hold up to other games of its ilk on the PS2. Animation is very second-rate, and thereís no real redeeming feature as far as how the game looks. It would have been much better if it looked something like Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 4.

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Evanesence's Bring Me To Life
Likewise, audio is hardly special. Voice-acting is really quite bad, but funny at the same time. Itís possible that itís actually done on purpose Ė at least thatís what we are hoping! The soundtrack is what you would expect for the Crusty Demons vids, filled with hard rock and some metal, which suits the game to a T. Sound effects are fairly generic but nothing bad there. Overall a fairly average sounding game.

Itís not that Crusty Demons is a bad game. Thereís a lot of content there, most of it is decent-ish, and thereís no really bad flaw, except that it gets old fast. Very few players are going to be getting to the end of the campaign, let alone finishing off all goals, but if youíre an absolute completionists, thereís a lot to do. Probably best kept for motocross fanatics only.

Review By: Michael Hutchesson

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GRAPHICSOverall Crusty Demons is a fairly average looking game on the PS2.
SOUNDVery generic sound effects, but there's a decent soundtrack though.
GAMEPLAYItís fun for about half an hour. After that it gets repetitive.
VALUEThereís plenty to do Ė if you so wish.
OVERALLIf it didnít get repetitive so quickly, Crusty Demons would be a great laugh.

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