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May 20, 2005
Crime Life: Gang Wars - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
23/11/2005KonamiHothouse Creations1$99.95

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This game look nice.
Even before I started this preview I started to wonder if even the title Crime Life: Gang Wars would generate interest with politicians and whacked out family groups to pressure the OFLC. Indeed the game is aiming for an 18 certificate in the UK meaning at the very least it would get a MA15+ rating, if not Refused Classification here. I'll tell you what, if this game is banned I'll be mighty pissed. This game from Konami not only looks wonderful but has the potential to be a monster hit - perhaps even as big as a certain Rockstar production. Hell, even the city the game takes place in is called Grand Central City!

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Expect plenty of violence.
Tre, a typical inner-city kid from the 'wrong' side of town, has just come of age in Grand Central City. It's Tre's time to make a difference the only way he knows how, and the only way there is how, by serving the local gang. Fight fire with fire; hurt crime with crime. When even the cops assigned to protect you are corrupt, the only way forward is to take the law into your own hands.

Of course being in a gang is never easy, but in recent years gang life in Grand City Central has become even harder. Full-scale street battles have only recently gone back underground, with the balance of power shifting from Big Dog's 'Outlawz' to ambitious newcomers 'Grand Central Justiss' led by Kingpin. In order to make a difference, Tre must know how to work all the old rivalries and form new bonds of trust to act in his favour.

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Nice ass...
The ultimate aim of Crime Life: Gang Wars is to make Tre a gang leader so he can lead his own homies into battle. If Tre can prove himself tough enough for the job, taking on tagging, general vandalism and theft as part of his daily duties he can move on to bigger business and really start to turn things around. The action is primarily fighting, but in between there are cool cinematic cut scenes to fill in the story, with some dramatic turning points thrown in to catch you by surprise. I really do hope that this game makes beat 'em ups fashionable again after many years of poor games in the genre.

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Walking around at night time.
This game is split up into 25 missions in the main story, and developers are also promising several free play missions. Sandbox play allows the player to freely interact with the game world. Undertake various criminal activities during free play. It will also be possible to enter fight championships to develop your skills and make or unlock moves to be used on the streets.

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I said, no fucking fries bia-tch!
In what is sure to be a massive boost for the marketing of this game which may be seen as just another action title the developers have secured the rights to include D12 in the game - yes the rappers from America. Whether or not that includes Eminem remains to be seen - but we can drool. D12 will be providing some music, voices and likenesses in the game. Should be fun at the very least.

Crime Life: Gang Wars is a game sure to raise some eyebrows and let's hope the OFLC doesn't go stupid again. With a release in late 2005 there's plenty of time to polish this game to perfection, but even at this early stage it's already looking pretty awesome. Keep an eye out.