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October 25 2006
EA Sports Cricket 07 - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
16/11/2006EA SportsEA Canada1-4$79.95

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Yes, these are PC screenshots.
Here comes another summer. As well as steaming hot days, plenty of time on the beach and plenty of drinking the other great pasttime is Cricket. That wonderful English sport which Australians have adopted as their favourite summer pasttime. In recent years Electronic Arts have been releasing Cricket titles for the PS2 - but their quality has ranged from quite good, to quite average. In 2005 a spanner was thrown into the works with Codemasters releasing the very impressive Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005 - a game which put EA's effort to shame. Eighteen months later and Electronic Arts are back with a new game - just in time for the Ashes series.

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Got him, caught behind!
This latest title, as one would expect, includes fully licensed squads from around the globe. The game will also feature real tournaments - with the upcoming Ashes clash being a focus for Australian and English fans no doubt.

Electronic Arts are also promising that EA Sports Cricket 07 will feature a new innovative 'Century Stick' control system that enables full control over foot choice, shot selection, shot power, and shot direction. To be honest we're not sure how exactly this will work - as soon as we find out we'll update this preview.

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He's run out...
In terms of game modes we can of course expect test matches, and one dayers. The developers are also adding in a new quickplay cricket setting that lets players crank up the game speed, ease back the difficulty setting and join the excitement of Limited Overs or fully-licensed Twenty20 extravaganzas by playing a fast-blast match of hard-hitting sixes.

For a sustained challenge, gamers can choose from a complete schedule of English County and Australian State tournaments or lead the charge in this year’s eagerly anticipated Ashes campaign in the 3-mobile Series Down Under.

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Diving to his right...
Unfortunately Electronic Arts have only released the following screenshots which appear to be from the PC version given that they were at a resolution of 800 x 600 prior to my resizing them, and with some including a mouse pointer. Still the screens show a decent amount of detail in the stadiums and players. This should be the least of our concerns, in the previous game the graphics were the one shining light.

Time will tell if Electronic Arts can redeem themselves with EA Sports Cricket 07. Yet again the company is playing its cards very close to its chest until release. The last game EA Sports Cricket 05 was a real mess made even worse by the brilliance of Codemasters' Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005. Expect this game to be released mid-November, just in time for the start of the Ashes series between England and Australia.