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April 17, 2004
Catwoman - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
6/8/2004EA GamesEA UK/Argonaut1$39.95

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Damn, Halle looks nice.
It's pretty rare these days that a big budget movie is released without a game to accompany it. Even King Kong, which Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson hasn't even started filming yet has been secured by UbiSoft with Peter Jackson ready to have a heavy input into the games development and direction. With a cinema release only months away Electronic Arts have confirmed they, along with UK developers Argonaut, are developing a game based on the upcoming Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, and Benjamin Bratt. While little has been seen of Catwoman the movie, there are some screenshots and details about the video game to keep you interested.

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A kick to the guts.
Catwoman is the story of shy, sensitive artist Patience Philips. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she finds herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy. In a mystical twist of fate, she is transformed into a woman with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat. With her newfound prowess and feline intuition, Patience becomes Catwoman, a sleek and stealthy creature balancing on the thin line between good and bad. One can only hope that this story is told in a similar fashion to Electronic Arts' two Lord of the Rings games with seamless transitions between movie footage and realtime cut scenes. If not, well, EA are sure to find something just as exciting on such a big license.

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Nice leather whip!
Gamers will control Catwoman as they play the game, utilizing her unique catlike skills, senses and cunning to defeat her enemies. Boasting incredible acrobatic skills, Catwoman can leap across roofs, run up walls, pounce on prey, utilize inimitable "cat senses", and avoid enemy bullets with feline grace. In addition, she can use her whip to swing through the air, and utilize the fully interactive enviroments to trap or knock her foes unconcious. The game will take players through numerous levels set in seven different locations from the movie. Indeed from video footage seen of the game everyting is shaping up quite nicely with some wonderful animations on the characters.

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Good background detail.
Argonaut have always been solid developers. Indeed their previous games on Playstation 2, SWAT: Global Strike Team and I-Ninja, have only lacked that little bit of polish to make them great while their upcoming title Malice has been in development and publisher hell as long as the PS2 has existed. As we all know if there's something that EA do well, it's adding that extra layer to a game to give it that something special, and making sure that games hit their release dates (usually). Hopefully these two companies can combine to make this game great. Expect a PAL release in early August to coincide with the movies' release - and with a lower price point of only $AU39.95!