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October 25 2006
Buzz! The Sports Quiz - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
16/11/2006SonyKuju Entertainment1-8$99.95 with buzzers
$59.95 without buzzers

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Buzz is back again.
In the last year or so we've seen Sony release a new type of video game and controller - Buzz!. The game ships with 4 controllers that hook up through your PS2's USB port, and essentially makes the trivia games as simple as possible. All you have to do is either hit the red buzzer for the answer, or the coloured button depending on the type of questions being asked. Sony launched the series with Buzz! The Music Quiz which, unsurprisingly, focused on music based trivia. Their second release was Buzz! The Big Quiz which was more of a general trivia game. Now they're set to release a sports trivia game, Buzz! The Sports Quiz, this November.

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Favourite characters are back too!
Buzz!: The Sports Quiz features support for up to 8 players, enough for the whole ‘team’ to play in this top of the league sports quiz clash. With 10 individual rounds to battle through, including Spin and World of Sport, Finish Line, Estimation and old Buzz favourites like Points Builder & Pass the Bomb.

As expected the game comes packed with great new content, including hundreds of fixed images and video clips spread between local and world sporting stars and heroes from past and present day. Clips will feature both World Cup and Olympic moments as well as other sporting events across the globe.

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One of the new mini-games.
Some of your favourite Buzz characters will be back, and kitted up in different sports attire. Disco Stevie as a Basketball player, Gina as a tennis player and Pelvis as a darts player, to name just a few. The Buzz studio has also been transformed for Buzz! The Sports Quiz, an indoor sports arena now greets contestants when they leave the locker room to face the camera, lights and audience.

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The all new Buzz studio.
The only issue I can see with this game is that it may include too many questions based on UK sports while ignoring Australian ones. I'm sure there will be a tonne of questions about the English and European Soccer leagues - but I would doubt there would be a single one about the new Australian Soccer league. I also have my doubts it would include many other Australian sports such as AFL (Australian Football League) or NRL (Rugby League). I could be wrong of course, so here's hoping.

Buzz! The Sports Quiz is due out in Australia this November and looks like being another title for Buzz! fans to add to their collection.