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June 3, 2007
Buzz! Junior Robojam - PS2 Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
24/5/2007SonyMagenta Software1-8GMedium
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen

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Check out the crazy characters.
Sony's Buzz! controllers have, along with the Eye Toy camera and SingStar microphones, brought gaming to the masses - and in particular an audience that would typically ignore gaming due to the complexities, the controllers or the lack of social interaction. Over the years we have seen four different trivia based Buzz! titles including the most recent release Buzz! The Mega Quiz - which, we must add, is the best in the series to date. Buzz! Junior Robojam isn't trivia based but rather is in the vein of Buzz! Junior Jungle Party - that is, a series of wild and whacky mini-games. Gone are the monkeys from the previous Buzz! Junior game and in their place are a couple of very cute robots.

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Orange has taken the lead, just!
So what is Buzz! Junior Robojam all about then? Well essentially the game follows four robots who compete in a series of challenges to become 'Robot of the Month'. When you start the game, be in single player or, and much more entertainingly (is that a word!?), in multi-player you can name your robot and then customise his or her look with a wide range of body parts - some of them are pretty entertaining in themselves.

Essentially this game is a series of mini-games. You can set your game length which is a good thing and the range of games is pretty good. From seeing who can do the longest farts while eating baked beans before the chef catches you, or jumping over a series of laser beams the game is responsive and the controllers work remarkably well.

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Picking your category.
I guess the biggest problem with this game is simply the fact that while there are 25 mini-games many are variations of other games, either within this package or those in Buzz! Junior Jungle Party which came out about a year ago now. It would have been nice - no - I would certainly have expected the developers to come up with a few more new ideas before pushing this out to the public. Having said that though most of the games are very entertaining and playing it with 4-players is a blast. That brings up my next question - if the trivia games can cope with 8-players why can't this one?

As you can imagine the graphics in this game are intentionally bright and colourful and for the most part they do a great job. There's nothing here worth writing home about however it is bright, the robots all have plenty of personality - especially when something does or doesn't go their way while the backgrounds are, unfortunately, a little on the drab side.

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Level scores - but not for long!
Audio is, in very much the same way as the graphics, very upbeat and lively which suits the style of the game perfectly. There are some good sound effects, and the music is solid enough - there's not enough variety mind you but it's never going to grate on your ears, however the commentary, despite being accurate can become a little repetitive. Then again, that also added a bit of entertainment when we played the game.

Buzz! Junior Robojam is a whacky game focused at the younger market, but it is one which we had plenty of fun playing - that's a bunch of 25-35 year old guys. Why is that? I don't know but this is certainly a title which - while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination - offers a good alternative to all the trivia titles using the Buzz! controllers. Fun.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSClean and colourful, exactly as you would expect from such a game.
SOUNDGreat speech, music and effects. This really is the total package.
GAMEPLAY25 mini-games which are all quite enjoyable despite some being variations of others on the disc.
VALUEDespite similar mini-games at $59.95 without the buzzers (or $AU99.95 with them) this is a good purchase.
OVERALLBuzz! Junior Robojam is a great alternative to the many trivia games that use the Buzz! controllers. Sure the games are simplistic, but that means that anyone from a 4 year old kid, to a 90 year old grandparent can enjoy this game. Recommended.

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