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Oct. 26, 2006
Buzz! Junior Jungle Party - PS2 Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
26/10/2006SonyMagenta Software1-4GN/A
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The farting game is a crack-up.
To be honest we weren't keen on playing this game. It's aimed at youngsters, with cartoon styled graphics, no storyline and uses the Buzz! controllers as the input device. What a complete surprise then that we discovered that a bunch of 30-odd year old guys and girls could still spend several hours playing through the mini-games. It's not perfect, but it's certainly a lot better then we expected. Buzz! Junior Jungle Party is, as the title suggests, a series of 40 different party games for the PS2.

Essentially there are two ways to play Buzz! Junior Jungle Party; in single player or multi-player. The single player is a slightly modified version of the game where you aren't competing against other people but rather attempting to beat a series of high scores. It's good, but not a patch on the multi-player mode.

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Monkeys are quite colourful.
In multi-player between two and four people can compete in a series of mini-games. Each player chooses their monkeys colour, and then their appearance and name before entering either a short, medium or long (marathon) game. The idea is to win each of the rounds. At the end players earn bananas according to their rankings, with the overall winner being decided by whoever has the most bananas at the end of the series of mini-games.

The range of mini-games is quite impressive. These can include anything from having to shoot the enemy (read: opposing players) monkeys while riding down river rapids, or floating in the air with the assistance of several balloons, to farting in a lake while a large gorilla sleeps, to jumping off a cliff with an anvil - the last person holding it loses their points (consider it like a game of hot potato), or vine climbing, ostrich egg stealing and so on. The majority of the games are simply about pressing the buzzer, or coloured buttons at a precise moment. The benefit to this is that gamers don't need to be highly skilled to play this game. There are also very few mini-games that you'll not enjoy playing several times in a night.

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Welcome to the jungle...
In terms of disappointments with Buzz! Junior Jungle Party one of the biggest is that some of the mini-games are too similar to each other making some of the 40 mini-games feel a little repetitive. I would have liked to see a bit more variety in the games, if not a few more. After a couple of games, be it short, normal or marathon in length, you will start to see the mini-games repeat. The games single player mode is also lacking depth - this really is a multi-player mode at heart and should probably only be played that way. One really interesting thing that I noticed is that unlike dance mat games that let you use a Dual Shock 2 controller - which is quite ridiculous, this game won't let you use the controller - something which still could have worked quite well!

As one would expect from a mini-game title aimed at a young market the visuals are generally very bright and colourful. Animation is fairly solid, and the backgrounds generally well presented while the menus and overall presentation are also quite acceptable. It's also great to see the developers Magenta Software include a Widescreen mode in the game too!

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Hit the various colours.
Audio in the game isn't something you'll write home about. It's pretty much some jungle music, a couple of basic sound effects and some monkey noises. All presented in Stereo sound for your pleasure. Oh, there is also some commentary while you play the games and while it isn't great it can be occasionally entertaining and encouraging for those players struggling.

Buzz! Junior Jungle Party is a surprisingly entertaining title for people of all ages. It's nice to see that the Buzz! controllers aren't going to be used solely for trivia based titles. Kids will probably get even more out of this game then us, but we still loved it. With a little more variety in the mini-games this could have scored even higher. Worth a purchase if you already have Buzz! controllers, or plenty of friends over on occasion.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSFunny monkeys, lush jungles and clear to see the on-screen action.
SOUNDSome jungle themed music, monkey laughs, and offbeat commentary.
GAMEPLAYIt's simplistic, but it means even non-gamers can join in as well.
VALUE It's pretty entertaining with 40 mini-games, although some are similar.
OVERALLBuzz! Junior Jungle Party is a surprisingly entertaining title even for older gamers. Kids will fall in love with it. A title worth considering adding to your Buzz! collection.

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