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October 7 2007
Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
25/10/2007SonySCEE1-8$99.95 with buzzers
$59.95 without buzzers

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Check out the crazy characters.
Christmas 2007 is likely to be one of the last 'big' shopping seasons for the Playstation 2. With the Playstation 3 starting to take over in terms of sales, quantity of games, and development focus we are certainly moving into more 'family friendly' entertainment and the Buzz! series of games fits the bill perfectly. Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is the latest title in the series and we couldn't be happier to see it being the movie buffs that we are. As with the other Quiz based game this is a trivia title which can be played by up to 8-players on a single console.

This latest title includes over 5000 questions, stacks of movie clips, pictures, celebrity images and sound bites thatíll really test your knowledge of Tinseltown. We can only hope that there is a lot of content here - certainly any trivia based game is open to seeing repetition as you play however as with the last title in the series, Buzz! The Mega Quiz, we expect the developers to use some pretty nifty tricks to allow the game to reduce this repetition.

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Time to pick a category.
Now we don't have confirmation of this as yet however if previous games are any indication then there will be three difficulties to suit all gamers. There should also be at least five game modes including Multiplayer, Single, Team, Quickfire, Quiz Master. A Hall of Fame should keep track of your stats and high scores and while we don't have exact numbers gamers will be able to select from a wide range of 'movie' themed characters. We also expect to see the game include classic game rounds such as 'Pass the Bomb', 'Fastest Finger' and 'Points Builder' as well as several others - details of which haven't been announced as yet.

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The 'Fastest Finger' round.
Yet again Buzz! has been given a bit of a reworking in terms of graphics. The game takes place on a new awards ceremony set and the character designs have been reworked to suit the movie themes. We also expect Jason Donovan to reprise his role as the wisecracking Buzz although this is still to be confirmed.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz is due out in Australia in late May and looks like being another title for Buzz! fans to add to their collection. We really can't wait to see if Sony bring this game to the Playstation 3 at some stage with downloadable question packs - in fact we'd put money on it if we could as it's too big an opportunity to pass up.