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June 6, 2006
Buzz! The Big Quiz - PS2 Review
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The pointbuilder round.
Sony has conquered the Eye Toy camera based genre, is dominating the karaoke genre with their SingStar titles and recently introduced one of the best trivia based games with last years Buzz! The Music Quiz. It was inevitable that the company wouldn't stop at a single game and indeed we now have a general knowledge series of questions with Buzz! The Big Quiz (with a sports pack also in the works)

Buzz! The Big Quiz follows the same formula as the previous game in the series in that the game can be played by a single player to score the most number of points after a series of rounds or, as the developers intend, with several mates for up to 8-player action (up from 4-player in the original game). One our biggest complaints with Buzz!: The Music Quiz was that the game was limited to audio clips, but Buzz: The Big Quiz fixes the previous games shortcomings by including questions on any topic, from film and sport through to music and Buzz’s own brand of crazy general knowledge and include pictures, audio or other general questions.

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A lineup of 8 contestants!
The selectable characters has also changed. Rather then the music personalities the game now includes likenesses of Albert Einstein, Clint Eastwood, Elvis (well, he had to remain didn't he!), and Bruce Lee among others. In terms of game modes there are two new ones added to this sequel. The first is Hitman in which if you get the question right first then you have the chance to 'shoot' someone and remove them from the round. Last man standing takes the most points. The second new round is Ask a Friend. In this mode you have to ask someone else playing to answer the question. If he, or she, gets it right you both earn points, if they get it wrong, you both lose points! These two new rounds are on top of those found in Buzz! The Music Quiz and add a bit more spice to the mix, but to be honest I was hoping for even more.

There have been some improvements to the first title. The game now flows a lot smoother, with the developers removing the pause to show the amount of points after every single question. Now, the points are shown on the bottom of the screen so play can continue. Also there's a few more options available when setting up the games but in general it's all quite similar to the original. One strange thing though is that the questions started to repeat quite quickly, it was only our third multi-player game when some questions started to repeat, and given that Sony hasn't released the question count I suspect it's quite a few less then the 5,000 of the original title.

Graphically, and as with the original title, there is little to get excited about with Buzz! The Big Quiz. The player characters are modeled well and fun to look at, Buzz prances around the screen in an excited and comical way. If there is one issue with the graphics it's with the still images, especially when you have to pick between four of them. They're a bit small, especially when looking for smaller details or trying to pick cities. On a brighter note the text is always easy to read on the screen and the overall look is quite clean.

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More Buzz...
Once again Buzz is being voiced by Australia's own Jason Donovan and he does another admirable job with plenty of jokes, many of which fall flat but somehow manage to still work. The music is lively and the sound effects from players are occasionally entertaining - Bruce Lee's "Whoaaa" is hilarious.

Make no mistake despite the issues Buzz! The Big Quiz is still a great multi-player game and is a fantastic companion to SingStar - when you need to give your vocal chords a break this is a great option. Sadly Relentless still aren't pushing the series to where it should be. What could easily be a 90%+ game is still let down by some average questions, lack of variety and lack of single player longevity. Worth adding to your collection if you're a trivia buff, have plenty of parties and/or loved the first title.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSAs with the first game graphics are average, images could be bigger.
SOUNDBuzz sounds good, still no real music or real world audio clips.
GAMEPLAYYet more trivia fun and the addition of 8-player support rocks.
VALUENumber of questions seems lower, needed more new game modes.
OVERALLBuzz! The Big Quiz is a good sequel. The addition of 8-player support and images for questions adds a bit, but I wanted more then two new game modes. Still a fun time for those with a bit of intellect.

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