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March 14, 2006
Buzz: The Big Quiz - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/4/2006SonyRelentless1-8$99.95 with 4 Buzzers
$59.95 without Buzzers

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Of course we will have English text.
Buzz!: The Music Quiz was a game that promised plenty but just failed to deliver on a couple of fronts. Being a music based game one of the biggest disappointments was the lack of 'real' music with some good, but also some very bad, recreations of songs. That problem is set to be eliminated with the second game Buzz: The Big Quiz which moves away from the music genre to become more of a general knowledge trivia game. Details are scarce but one thing is certain - this game looks like ramping up the fun considerbly.

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A lineup of 8 contestants!
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots Buzz is back yet again (and we expect him to be voiced by Jason Donovan yet again!) with new characters, and plenty of new questions. One our biggest complaints with Buzz!: The Music Quiz was that it was limited to audio, but Buzz: The Big Quiz is totally different, and looks set to fix the previous games shortcomings. Questions can now be on any topic, from film and sport through to music and Buzz’s own brand of crazy general knowledge. Questions can now include picture, audio or video clips which should ensure plenty of variety.

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More Buzz...
Perhaps most exciting news is that this second game will now support 8 players using the Buzz controllers! The new series extends the format of Buzz’s first show and cranks up the tension by giving contestants more chances to steal points from each another… so make sure you watch your back in new rounds like ‘Hitman’, as well as returning favourites like ‘Pass the Bomb’. Buzz’s new studio also has room for up to eight players, so contestants from Buzz!: The Music Quiz can enjoy the ultimate Quiz show experience!

This second game looks set to improve the Buzz franchise and take it in the right direction with more variety, more players and certainly more fun. Sony Australia are currently targeting this release toward late April.