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October 3, 2005
Buzz: The Musical Quiz - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/10/2005SonyRelentless Software1-4$99.95 (with Buzzers)

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Look, it's the host Buzz.
If there is one thing that Sony has proven during this generation it's that mainstream titles can not only be very enjoyable but can also sell in the millions. In fact the Eye Toy periperal and numerous games and SingStar titles are both doing extremely well - quite possibly with the assitance of the peripherals being so cheap. Actually the developers of Buzz: The Music Quiz have worked on both those titles as well! Now, Sony are going to cash in on the TV Game Show craze with Buzz The Music Quiz, a game which includes thousands of questions and promises to be accessible for everyone from 5 to 95 years of age.

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The special Buzz controller.
The first thing you should know about this game is that it includes an all new interactive controller. As you can see in the image to the left here the controller is a large button with four smaller coloured buttons down the front. No more Dual Shock 2 controller as this game makes it very easy for anyone to just pick up and play. The game will include 4 of these controllers in the pack (all for a RRP of $99.95) for multi-player mayhem. Buzz: The Music Quiz looks set to revolutionize gaming on the Playstation 2 once again.

Buzz: The Music Quiz plays like any TV gameshow and as the title suggest the emphasis on this title is music. The game includes over 1,000 music clips all international chart-toppers from the 1950s through to 2005 and over 5,000 questions to test your knowledge, either by playing solo in a fast paced single-player mode or with your friends in the multiplayer game.You can select a playable contestant to suit your personal music taste, choose from 16 different characters including a pop diva, a rocker, a punk, an Elvis and a disco dude.

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Ready for action...
The game includes a series of eight rounds to master. The first is the "Point Builder" which is a nice simple round to start off with which lets you build up some points to lose or build on - in later rounds. Second up is "Snap", if you see the right answer appear onscreen, then Buzz in as fast as you can. "Fastest Finger" awards points to the person who buzzes the quickest. "Offloader" is rather interesting in that you can offload the question to someone who you think won't know the answer. "Pass the Bomb" allows you to pass a ticking bomb as long as you answer the question correctly.

"Point Stealer" allows you to seek revenge on those that crossed you in past rounds, "Buzz Stop" allows you to pass or play each of the questions while "Look Before You Leap" is the final round where the first to buzz gets to answer, but if incorrect you'll lose points. A "Tie-Breaker" round will also be included in the game.

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The game show stage.
The host of the show, Buzz (hence the games title), is being voiced by Australia's own Jason Donovan - most well know for playing the role of Scott in Neighbours.

This is a very exciting title. Yet again Sony are smashing the ideas of what gaming is all about. You no longer have to get to grips with a controller with 12 buttons and 3 directional controls. The Buzz controller is simplistic and perfect for a game like this. We can only hope to see more games, perhaps based on Movie or Sport, in coming years. Expect a release for Buzz: The Music Quiz in late October.