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August 4, 2005
Burnout Revenge - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
23/9/2005EA GamesCriterion1-2, 6 $99.95

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This is really pushing the PS2.
There's one question that has to be asked about the fourth Burnout title from Criterion. How can they improve on the stunning Burnout 3: Takedown released late last year. Well, this game takes absolutely everything to the next level - better graphics, faster gameplay, more adrenaline.

This time it's not about winning. It's not about riding on dubs or gaudy neon lights. It's about an utter disregard for the rules of road and total domination. This time it's personal. This time it's about revenge. Perpare for Burnout Revenge.

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It's the landing that hurts!
Designed for maximum carnage, Burnout Revenge's tracks are loaded with massive jumps, multiple paths and nasty chokepoints to deliver the ultimate brutal car combat. Vertical takedowns and in-race crashbreakers open up new avenues for destruction. Perhaps most interesting is that the developers are promising wide open "crash courses" for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame - could this involve some sort of destruction derby? The tracks are located in three different cities - Detroit, Rome or Tokyo, each of which will offer unique looks and traffic to contend with.

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Sliding around the corner...
Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat. Now every vehicle on the road is in play and a potential target - or weapon. Ram traffic into your rivals, slam cars into vicious combo-based pile-ups and lay waste to everything in sight. An all-new traffic attack mode pits gamers against the clock in a mad dash for destruction. It's not about dodging traffic, it's about leveling it by any means necessary. Opponents will also develop a grudge if you harass them to much and the only way to resolve this will be to compete in the all new grudge match.

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More sparks, smoke and particles.
Once again online gameplay returns with support for up to 6-players. The developers still haven't divulged the game modes however you can expect the same as last years title including everything from normal races to the ultra fun crash modes. One thing is certain the online gameplay in Burnout 3: Takedown was quite special and we can expect even more this year.

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Total mayhem!
Graphics in this game seems to be improved even further over Burnout 3: Takedown, quite a feat given how far ahead of everyone else that game was already. In case you missed last years title know this, it's fast, almost too fast for the average gamer - but that's what makes it such an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Criterion are promising that Burnout Revenge will include more than 3 times the car deformation of the previous game. Expect a release in late September.