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August 12, 2004
Burnout 3 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
10/9/2004EA GamesCriterion1-2, 6 $99.95

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Is this Need For Speed?
Read our review of Burnout from late 2001 and you'll see how much we here at Future Gamez loved Criterion's racing game. It was fast, exciting and most importantly damn fun. Read our review of the sequel, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and you'll realise how much the game improved, and not just graphically, in less then a year. Two years later and the third game is about to be unleashed. Not only has the game changed publishers from Acclaim to Electronic Arts, but there are many enhancements, not least of which is online gameplay, something which almost made it into the second game, but was dropped due to Sony's network delays.

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Wait until you see this moving!
I was thinking what to say about this game, but Electronic Arts' own web site summarises the game pretty much perfectly in the following manner:
Forget everything you know about racing, Burnout 3 has rewritten the rules of the road. Get ready to drive down the knife-edge of risk and reward: take out or be taken out, steal boost or be robbed by your rivals. Use your car as a weapon to eliminate your rivals as you bid for first place, shunt, slam and battle the competition to get boost, go faster and win.

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The wonderful replays.
If you want game modes, then look no further. No only Criterion including 9 single player racing modes, and 8 multi-player offline modes (including race and crash) but the real addition to this game is the online gameplay for up to 6-players at a time. Criterion have already got the early code up and running apparently and have included 7 different online modes of play, once again including races and crash modes. Burnout 3 includes 40 unlockable tracks set across the United States, Europe and Asia (what about Australia guys! - maybe next time). The number of vehicles is also impressive with 72 vehicles on offer from cars to trucks and buses.

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Hitting the boost!
Burnout 3, as with previous games in the series, is a pure flat-out arcade racing game. Once again the boost meter returns. Essentially, for those who haven't played past games, this is a nitro boost. The meter fills up in one of several ways including aggressive driving, takedowns - causing opponents to crash, driving against oncoming traffic, near misses, tailgating, getting air or drifting around corners.

One of the most addictive game modes in previous titles was the crash mode, and fortuately it's making a return in a big way. In this you select a car, hit the pedal to the metal and create the biggest collision possible at an intersection.

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Check out the scenery, and the car.
For Electronic Arts to snatch this game away from Acclaim was a dream for Electronic Arts - and almost the death knell for Acclaim who are on the brink of bankruptcy in America. EA's Need for Speed brand of games have a loyal following, but the Burnout titles have a different feel to them with collisions playing a major role.

Keep your eyes open for this one. It will be hot. With the Australian (and American) release set for early September you can be guaranteed that ths game will be one of the best games of 2004, and with online gameplay the action should be frantic.