September 7, 2001

Burnout - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
November 2001AcclaimCriterion1-2$99.95

Click here for an interview with the developers and to download a stunning new Burnout movie.

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What did you expect? It's a burnout.
In an age where realistic car racing games rule the charts it's refreshing to see a company come up with a very fast arcade styled racer for the home. Criterion are currently putting the finishing touches on Burnout which looks like becoming another "must have" Playstation 2 title. With a lot of inspiration from Sega's classic game Out Run and EA's Need For Speed series as well as car chases in movies like Ronin, this could very well be one of the most exciting games this Christmas. Burnout gives you licence to drive a car the way you always wanted to - racing like a maniac through rush hour traffic, avoiding, causing and surviving dramatic pile-ups.

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It really could be a scene from GT3.
During the game you can take the wheel of 9 different vehicles, including nippy compacts, speedy roadsters, power muscle cars - even a bus! Put the pedal to the metal on 16 different circuits, set on highways and city streets from America, Europe and the Orient. Drive aggressively, putting your vehicle into long sliding drifts, racing into oncoming traffic, jumping traffic signals and speeding through cross-traffic. Every dice with death earns you more 'Burn', that you can use to tear up the road at turbo speeds. Every smash costs you time, but at least you can watch the spectacular collisions from every angle, in slow-motion, and save them to memory card to amaze your friends! Burnout is one very exciting game.

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2-player split screen will be fun.
Your opponents in Burnout are either a pack of ruthless computer drivers, or another human player. Turn up the aggression and race against a friend in the two multiplayer modes, ramming them into walls, steering them into oncoming traffic or causing pile-ups that they have to swerve around or dive through! In fact each level you race in has up to 300 normal vehicles that will block our path, or cause catastrophic collisions.

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Collisions will play a major part.
UK Based developers, Criterion, have been working on Burnout for well over 18 months now, and it shows. Using the latest version of their Renderware software the graphics are definitely up there with Gran Turismo 3. Burnout includes a solid 60fps in single player and a respectable 30fps rate in split-screen multi-player. To go with this strong frame rate the developers have littered the tracks with some wonderful detail and lighting effects.

The UK-based Playstation 2 Magazine voted Burnout as the "best racer" shown at the 2001 E3 show in Los Angeles this year and Edge Magazine was so impressed it made it to the front cover of the magazine. Burnout certainly looks the part and it promises a lot of action and excitement. Expect a release in November.